Olive Goil: Camille Rose Garcia


Take my hand and let’s explore the deep, dark wood!

Spooky, creepy but oh so pretty, the artist Camille Rose Garcia takes fairy tale magic and graphic novel detail and puts it all into her epic, adventurous canvases.

So far, Wonderland’s little Alice and that fair and sweet Snow White, have been reinvented by the super talented Garcia. Don’t expect kiddie bedtime stories or cartoony fun, Miss Garcia has a dark and stormy side that likes to take our expectations… and turn them inside out.

Take a look dear readers, but don’t be frightened! There’s nothing to fear here, but there is certainly much to “oooh” and “aaaah” about – Miss Garcia is mistress of her craft…

For our Los Angeles dearies, you can catch her wonderful work live and in-person in your fair city until April 14 at the Michael Kohn Gallery!

For a glimpse into her strange and fabulous world, visit her website!


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