Olive Goil: Stephanie Gilmore


Ah, the sea! No one loves it more than me – the sand, the sky…the surf!

Except perhaps the blond and tanned and thoroughly super heroine-ish Stephanie Gilmore, the greatest gal surfer in all the land!

Miss Gilmore was born Down Under in 1988 and has won so many titles for surfing that you’d have to be an octopus with hands in order to count them on your fingers!  She stared riding the high waves at 10 and by 17 she was in the mix with the globe’s finest.  She is the ultimate Olive Goil – gutsy and glorious!

Kudos to Miss Gilmore!

One final thought: I myself am so very found of salty seas, do you think I ought to try to get on a board myself and see what I can do?

Mmmm….closing my eyes and making a wish!


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