Olive Goil: Olympia Le-Tan


Oooh la la! Le French!

Olympia Le-Tan is absolutely the crème de la crème of young Parisian designers, the daughter of a talented illustrator and an artist in her very own right!

Miss Le-Tan worked with all sorts of very fancy fashion folk before setting out on her own, making very exquisite limited edition bags that look like books! Olympia happens to be heavenly at embroidery and everything she touches has just the right dash of whimsy and imagination.

In addition to all her other wonderful skills, she has the sweetest sense of what looks good on a lady, her own personal style is very preppy, pretty and a little bit edgy too, like your English teacher – If she were French and had sparkling sense of self-defacing humor.

Do look her up and if you can, grab one of her amazing bags – they are just the thing for the smarty pants in you – the gal who looks great in reading glasses and knows her Dickens from her Dostoevsky!


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