Olive Loves: Phylia de M


I am a lady that likes to wear my hair up, neat as a pin, in a small tight bun at the back of my swanlike neck. But there are rare moments when I let loose that my hair follows. There are occasions when I prefer to have a hairdo that is fitting with my adventures, be it turban, beret, or ten gallon cowgirl hat.

Either way, the hair, my dears, is just as much the seat of the soul as the eyes, the place where you show off whom you are and where you are heading. That is one of the many reasons why I love the new hair care line from Phylia de M.

Created by two gals who are besties and who have a shared adoration of all things healthy and organic and feel good. Phylia de M comes in the sweetest of packaging and makes hair the shiniest, bounciest and at its most beautiful, all with ingredients based on all natural concoctions.  Yum!


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