Olive Goil: Annie Oakley


I love a sailor man, as you well know, but I also have always held a soft spot for cowboys, explorers and adventurous men of all sorts.

This is part due to the fact that I myself am the adventuring kind, fond of travel and danger and thrills. Annie Oakley was the same type of woman, one who wasn’t afraid to tread into unexpected territories and to do what the men do…only better.

Born Phoebe Ann Moses in 1860, “Annie”, was she was known to all who loved her, was one of the greatest sharp shooters ever to live, able to outshoot most men, all with a blindfold on and her eyes closed.

As star of the famous Wild West shows produced by Buffalo Bill, Annie traveled the world as the main attraction, taking her particular brand of American chutzpah to theaters all over the globe. She could hit her targets perfectly from long distances, split a playing card before it hit the ground, and look darn good in a petticoat while doing it!

Truly, a goil after my heart. A brave soul of the highest order. She was one of a kind, Miss Annie – so let’s doff off our cowgirl hats and whoop and holler to her guts and her glory!


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