Olive Loves: Corto Moltedo


It is very important, my dearest dearies, to have a sense of humor. Life simply demands one.

If you can’t answer adversity with a smile, well then, you better be prepared for trouble.

I don’t know about you, but I like to surround myself with anything that makes me laugh and well, this amazing Corto Moltedo bag is just about the most wonderful and whimsical accessory I’ve ever seen.

Shaped like an old fashioned recording tape (remember those) and colored the bluest of blue, there is simply no way you could carry this clutch without occasionally – cracking up.

And yet, somehow it’s elegant too, don’t you agree? This bag perfect for kicking it up on the dance floor or djing the decks or just sashaying down the street secure in the knowledge that you’re the most fashionable… and funniest – gal in town.



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