Olive Loves: ACB Jewelry


As you know, I am a simple girl with simple tastes, happy with my sailor man and my seaside life, but this does not mean that I forgo luxury or beauty. In fact, I am a sucker, dear readers on the world wide web, for a fine piece of jewelry.

I like necklaces, rings, bracelets, and belts – of all sorts. I like them in silver and pearls and sparkling diamonds, rubies and gold and sapphire and emerald. In short, I have the softest spot for anything that drips and shines and can be worn in a ship’s ballroom for midnight rendezvous.

But you know this about me already, don’t you?

Today, I am shouting from the rooftops about an amazing designer of dazzling accouterments – made just for ladies like me, who wish to deck ourselves out like Cleopatra, from time and time… and want to be treated like the queens we are – ALL the time.

Annie Costello Brown, the creative force behind ACB, was trained as painter and it shows – her pieces are lovely and abstract and endlessly imaginative. She works in strong materials like leather and brass and crystal and there is an earthiness to her jewelry, but elegance too.

I am left simply breathless by her designs, and you dear reader, will be too.

Take a look at her work and just see if you can resist.


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