Olive Loves: The Bamford DRx Popeye Watch


Okay dearest readers, hold on tight – and take a gander at this! Revamp artist Darren Romanelli, watch masters Bamford and the fine folks at my very own King Features have teamed up for this titillating time piece!

You might recognize the inspiration for this one, a strapping fella by the name of Popeye – who just happens to be my one and only, spinach-eating, pipe-tootin’, sweet sailor man!

Doesn’t my beau look divine, telling time?

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, where is the watch of moí??

Well, I had the same question myself, but for now, let’s go ahead and give my gorgeous guy his due. He can be the star of the show, for the moment… and besides, a lady doesn’t get jealous – it is simply not a flattering look.

Am I correct, girls?

So let’s all shout out congrats to my beloved Mr. P,  for his immortalization on the wrists of the multitudes!!


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