Olive Goil: Karen Russell


I’m an old fashioned goil in many ways, my dears, and that includes my adoration of the written word – the sweet musk scent of an old book bringing a certain kind of warmth to my heart. In these days of the high tech and the modern, there’s just something about sitting down and flipping through pages that both comforts and thrills me.

For those who can’t abide the antiquated, you can grab your Kindles and your iPads and such and get the same amazing pleasure in words on a page – there’s nothing quite like reading, don’t you agree?

And writing! A bow down and a shout out to all those amazing authors out there, folks like this week’s Olive Goil, the immensely talented Karen Russell.

The young Miss Russell is barely 30, but she’s already been featured in magazines like The New Yorker and Zoetrope and in collection like the Best American Short Stories. Her first book of short stories, St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, won a bevy of prizes and her first novel, Swamplandia, won a bazillion accolades as well.

Miss Russell writes about strange adventures and lost worlds and the wet heat fevers of her home state of Florida and her books thrill at every turn.  My dears! Take pleasure in the word and sit down and pick up a book (or a tablet) and let yourself get swept up in old fashioned, wonderful, fabulous, always imaginative -storytelling.



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