Olive Goil: Leana Zuniga of Electric Feathers


Fashion is about digging deep down straight into your imagination my dears and no one explores like Miss Leana Zuniga of the clothing line, Electric Feathers.

With her raw silk convertible dresses, drop-dead gorgeous hand-dyed flowing and flirty cotton skirts, elegant jump suits, and billowing harem pants – Zuniga’s clothes are meant for both high style and rollicking adventure.

Electric Feathers are what you might wear to the Bazaar or to the Casbah or to meet a mysterious sheik, ensembles to ramble on sand dunes and astride dromedaries in exotic places where blue tiles shimmer under blind white heat.

They are also the perfect clothes for Sunday drives or walks in the park or just about anything a girl likes to look pretty while doing.

Almost absolutely everything in her amazing collections are reversible – so you get the added surprise of many outfits in one – scarves can be worn as belts, dresses can be worn front or back, necklines go up and go down – this is fashion to have fun with!

Not only that, but Miss Zuniga’s clothes are cozy too and crafted with care, effortless and just beyond beautiful!


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