Olive Goil: Tata Harper


I have skin of the finest porcelain my loves – lineless, ageless, and luminous – but this is an easy thing to boast, if one is a cartoon character.

I know that most of you ladies out there share a obsession with beauty products and let me say that just because I am merely pen and ink does not mean I don’t absolutely adore the long held feminine rituals of plumping and primping.

That is why I am ever so pleased to brag about the wonderful Tata Harper, who creates luscious products out of yummy and organic and ‘good for you’ deliciousness!

At on her beautiful farm in Vermont this fabulous flower child makes a treasure trove of non-toxic skincare wonders. This is miraculous stuff dear readers – it smells heavenly and feels lush and will make you dewy as the morning grass and as glowy as the setting summer sun.

Tata is also a savvy business lady, doing all her work in house so she can control the eco/environmental wonderfulness of each and every one of her products.

Slather, rinse, repeat…and radiate!


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