Olive Goil: Ladies of The Olympics


Oh my I am just so very excited to wave the flag and light the torch and cheer on the incredible athletes gathered together in London for the summer Olympics. Hoorah! Hooray! Go team!

I am going to get out my miniskirt and my letter sweater and my pom poms and I am going to be glued to the goings on over on the other side of the pond.

I am especially excited by all those incredible female athletes in the bunch – the gals who can run, kick, swim, jump, and throw – like nobody’s business. Some of the amazing lady Olympians to look out for includes:

Missy Franklin: Just 17 years old this wonder woman is one of the finest swimmers of all time, a true blue, and fish in the water.

Alex Morgan: She gets her kicks from scoring. 21 years old and a soccer star the world over, Miss Morgan is trying to break the record for “most goals scored” in Olympic honor.

Jordyn Wieber: I am always totally awed by gymnasts and this gal is one the best. She can jump and flip and flop like some sort of super being.

Allyson Felix: Fastest female around.  Period.

Best of luck to all the ladies competing this year! Let the games begin!


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