Olive Loves: Sanae Intoxicants


The heavenly smell of a great perfume is something no girl should be without. And while I am a sucker for the classics (Chanel #5 anyone?!), I am more and more enamored of new and fresh and the artfully distilled, particularly those potent scents made of all natural oils, perfumes created without all those nasty chemicals…

That said, my dears, I am completely smitten with Sanae Intoxicants, a tiny company based in Los Angeles which handcrafts the most incredible combinations of exotic, thrilling, and sometimes unfamiliar oils, into creations that all smell absolutely incredible!

Founded by Miss Sanae Barber, these exquisite perfumes come in the most lovely and delicate teeny, teeny. tiny bottles, each containing smells that are absolutely entrancing.  Meadow Slumber smells of pine and sage and the first blossom of a wildflower, Smoking Rose is traditional rose with an sexy edge, Burning Ocean feels dark and dangerous and seductive in a fantastical Far East sort of way.

Put on a dab and you won’t be disappointed…


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