Live Olive: Interview with Kara Lusardi of Bobi

Olive: Hello, my dear! It is so great to meet you. I thought it would be nice to get to know one another. There is no question about it, you are both beautiful AND stylish.  Who are your personal style icons?

Kara: Thanks, Olive! I like Gwen Stefani, Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Moss.

Olive: Each of their ladies definitely have their own unique style. Personally, I like Kate Moss’ fashion sense more than Gwen and Mary Kate…but that’s just me!  Rachel Zoe said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Can you think of someone else who best embodies Rachel’s statement?

Kara: I think Sofia Vergara embodies this statement more then anyone. Her staple Jessica Rabbit dresses work for her and she lets her smile and personality do the rest. It is iconic to have a signature look.

Olive: Well, it is very obvious to everyone who is anyone that Sofia Vergara and I have a lot in common…not! If you were to dress ME, what would you recommend?

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Kara: These Bobi summer pieces that are coming to stores soon would be perfect for you, Olive Oyl!

Bobi Striped Tank Dress

Bobi Striped Tank

Olive: Stripes! I adore stripes! Is there an actress whose style and personality make her a breakout “It” girl?

Kara: One of my favorite shows is Modern Family, and Sarah Hyland is one of the cast members who is becoming an “It” Girl on the red carpet. Last year, she was my best dressed in D&G. This year at the Golden Globes, her black gown was a beautiful cut.

Olive: Who are your favorite designers?

Kara: Rebecca Taylor and Elizabeth and James.

Olive: As a fashion designer, I’m sure you watched this year’s Golden Globes Awards ceremony, which was hosted by two of my favorite comediennes: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. If you could have styled Tina or Amy, what would you have done differently?

Kara: If I had dressed Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, I would have done a cool take on a men’s tux and given them both different versions of sexy tuxedos. For other looks, I would have stuck with designers like Nicole Miller, and sleek clean gowns with forgiving evening fabric and maybe a hit of trim. Forming with coverage on the upper arm and a plunging neck line. No one expects a comedian to be sexy, so I would go with clean and an age/event appropriate look. During the ceremony, the gowns they both wore were either too sexy or too much fabric. Their red carpet looks were a bust. Amy Poehler’s J. Crew-style work suit was ill fitted and her spring evening shoes should have been scratched. Tina Fey’s calf cut, white and black gown missed the mark too. It should have been full length with a lace pattern, to stay on trend, in the black on the white, rather then the firework pattern.

Olive: Who wore your favorite dresses, and which designers, in your opinion, absolutely nailed it?

Kara: My favorite dresses of the night were Jessica Alba’s bright coral, Amanda Seyfried’s sexy Givenchy,and Jennifer Garner’s perfectly draped Vivenne Westwood with an Elizabeth Taylor vibe. (I would love to see Kim Kardashian in this dress!) Alexander McQueen nailed the black and gold trend with Kate Hudson’s dress, which had a Victorian Knight feeling, and Nicole Kidman’s cut-out corset waist and lower back created a sultry, medieval feeling.

Olive: Who would you say were the night’s fashion misses and mistakes?

Kara: The biggest misses of the night were Halle Berry and Eva Longoria. Halle’s circa 1999 Miami-inspired Versace frock was a mess. Not to mention her closed-toe pump. It was not in style, and even if so, not appropriate for this event. Eva Longoria was the worst of the night. I could only think one word: gaudy! The heavy-patterned lace sleeve with conflicting pattern trim at front and back opening, and the too high slit which showed both legs, was not classy. She also was way too short for this dress. One of the other mistakes I noticed throughout the night was poor fitting. Jessica Alba would have been perfection with a simple bust cup. Her corset dress had an indentation in the center of the cup, and because of the tight fit, it had a completely flat-chested appearance. If a pad or cup had been inserted, it would have been much better. Also, Megan Fox needed some support in the chest. Her girls were running wild under the dress! Lastly, Jennifer Lawrence needed an extra inch of fabric in her dress as it was too tight from waist to hip.

Olive: Hello, honesty! Head to toe, who, in your opinion, was the best-dressed celebrity of the night?

Kara: In my opinion, Amanda Seyfried was the best dressed. Her white Givenchy dress had all the right moves. The panel, that extended below her pelvis to the floor, was perfectly placed to create length and seduction. The lace, in center front to collar, gave a romantic kick, and the upper collar with pin sealed the look up with a Victorian Gothic-edge. Her soft tan and brown smoky eye, extra long controlled bombshell blonde hair gave her the angelic and medieval look perfect for her Les Miserables film. It was like a white Angelina Jolie. Robert Downey Jr. was the best dressed male. It is so hard for a man to stand out and shine at an awards show, but he did so. I loved his beautiful black velour tuxedo jacket with a rib-type pattern, the crisp white shirt with black buttons, and a perfect bow tie. Suave Hollywood hair and just the right amount facial hair. He looked edgy, sophisticated and great for his age. His look “WOWED” me!

Olive: Which trends did you see that you would incorporate into your own collection?

Kara: A trend I saw at the Golden Globes that I will denitely be working into my next collection is the Victorian Renissance Medieval look that was happening. Lucy Liu’s printed floral ballgown encompassed this theme and inspired me for Spring. Normally I hate printed ballgowns, but this dress nailed it. Perfectly placed floral with all the right colors. Kate Hudson’s, Michelle Dockery’s and Giuliana Rancic’s high-necked gowns and heavily armored looks also captured this theme. I loved it.

Olive: Well, my dears, that’s a wrap on this year’s Golden Globes fashion commentary. My thanks to Kara Lusardi for keeping it real and being so refreshingly honest and funny!

About Kara Lusardi

Kara Lusardi started the Bobi label, a women’s collection encompassing casual tees to elegant gowns, in 2006. Bobi has a huge celebrity fan base that includes Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Selena Gomez, Hilary Swank, Madonna and Giuliana Rancic. A native New Yorker, Lusardi cuurently lives in Los Angeles. She has worked for a number of hot labels, including Rampage, XOXO, and Nicole Miller.


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