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Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Don O’Neill, Creative Director of THEIA, who drew this amazing sketch of me. He is one of my absolute favorite designers because he wants every woman to feel like a goddess while wearing his meticulously designed dresses.

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Olive: The Fall 2012 collection was breathtakingly beautiful. It should be stated for the public record, Don, that these are two of my favorite dresses:

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Olive: It will be hard to top yourself in 2013! Speaking of the new collection, can you recommend any dresses from Theia’s Spring 2013 collection that will make my boyfriend’s eyes pop? They don’t call him Popeye for nothing, you know?!?

Don: I think the stunning “ Nude” Edwardian inspired hand beaded gown (881637) would look spectacular on you and reveal your dazzling inner goddess.. not only achieving the “Popeye” effect but render him speechless with awe!

Olive: Oooh, it’s so romantic…like me! And, a girl couldn’t hope for a reaction better than that,could she? Recently, I read that Emerald has been named the Color of 2013 by Pantone. Popeye’s favorite color, in case you didn’t already know, is green. And you are from Ireland, also known as the Emerald Isle. Coincidence? I think not! Do you have dresses in emerald that you can show me?

Don: Well, there is this one…

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Olive: Hello…I’m in love! Tell me more about this sparkly dress. It’s outrageously gorgeous.

Don: This dress has become a signature THEIA dress and is hand embroidered with more than a million sequins, taking over 6 weeks to make.

Olive: Stop it! Hand embroidered? I’m impressed! Clearly, a lot of love sure goes into making this dress…no wonder it is a popular favorite. This dress would have been PERFECT for me to wear on Popeye’s birthday.

Don: I have designed a special version of this dress just for you, a long glamorous version, perfect for a movie star such as yourself.

Olive: Don, I’m blushing! I absolutely love it! Thank you. While I do love this dress, I’d like to leave a little to Popeye’s imagination. Do you have this same dress with, say, a capped sleeve?

Don: Yes we do, we have a cap sleeve version, perfect to wear 365 days a year …

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Olive: Oh my, ask and you shall receive. Theia really does have something for everyone! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m a big fan of Theia and now my friends can see why!

For those who don’t already know this fabulous designer brand, can you describe for my dear friends, fans and followers what Theia stands for and embraces?

Don: Theia is the Greek Goddess of Light and everything she touched became luminous and radiant. This quality is imbued in each and every dress. The design, the fit, the fabrics and embroideries are all for one purpose…to make you feel like a Goddess in THEIA! To look stunning, to feel beautiful, feel confident, feel special, thus empowering you to reveal the Goddess that resides inside every woman.

THEIA is worn by some of the most beautiful women in the world , and I proudly count Grainne Seoige and Kathryn Thomas, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood amongst them. Movie stars and models choose to wear THEIA on the red carpet because of how good they look and how comfortable the gowns are to wear. Women around the world are discovering that the magic of THEIA goes beyond the red carpet and they too can look and feel just as glamorous in THEIA

Olive: Well said, my dear! Now back to the business at hand…what other Emerald dresses in the Spring 2013 collection can you show me?

Don: We have a beautiful emerald green shirred sweetheart shimmer organza gown with ruffles (881527), as well as our signature petal gown (881551)

Item Number 881527; Sweatheart Shirred Strapless Gown with Ruffles; $795


Item Number 881551; Spaghetti strap petal slip gown features thousands of laser cut petals on a stretch tulle lining; $995.

The emerald green version is not yet in stores, but the navy version is currently available at Neiman Marcus.

Olive: I’ve noticed that some of the Spring 2013 styles have a nautical feel. I absolutely adore dresses with stripes. If a dress has stripes, it needs to be hanging in my closet! Can I see those styles as well?

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Click to view larger

Olive: Decisions, decisions! I simply can’t make up my mind. One last random question before we go…Can you recommend any equally fabulous restaurants where I can show off one of these beautiful dresses? Since I am dating a sailor, it has to be seafood!

Don: Olive, you and Popeye would love The Oyster Tavern in The Spa, located in Tralee, County Kerry in Ireland…and the Home of Kerrygold !! They serve outstanding seafood.

Olive: Well, I am a big fan of Kerrygold…and a big fan of you, Don! You are an absolute delight who never ceases to amaze me! xoxo

About Don O’Neill

Don O’Neill was born in a small village in the west of Ireland. Today, Don serves as the Creative Director for THEIA.  His designs have garnered praise from Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Oprah Winfrey, Emmy Rossum, and Norah Jones, as well as in The New York Times, The Wall St. Journal, InStyle, People Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Life & Style, New York Magazine and E! News.


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