Drumroll Please…The Winner of the Valentine’s Day Giveaway Is…


DAWN MCGARRY, who offered the following comment on what she loves most about me (shameless seeker of compliments, I know!):

“My husband and I have been Popeye and Olive Oyl for Halloween for two years running…we have walked away with “Best Costume.” They are both so iconic and such a sweet love story, much like ours. She is a strong, independent woman who takes no guff! lol”

Thank you to everyone who shared a comment and participated in the Valentine’s Day T-shirt Giveaway. Your reasons for why you love me have been an incredible boost to my self-esteem and lots of fun to read. I was blushing and glowing with pride! I’m lucky to have such wonderful friends! Remember, the winner was chosen through a completely random drawing – I didn’t play any favorites! I couldn’t possibly because I LOVE YOU ALL!


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