Olive Yoga: Talking Yoga and Clean Living with Marci Zaroff


For the past several weeks, I have been talking to Marci Zaroff about yoga. Since this conversation, my yoga routine and philosophy toward living green and clean has blossomed like a spring flower. I have more energy, less stress and an overall sense of calm and promise about my future has taken root in my everyday life.

Without further delay, I would like to share the yoga pose that I have been practicing this week and share snippets from the glorious conversation I had with Marci.

Olive: What is your philosophy on yoga and clean living?

Marci: Yoga, a way of life, represents the integration of the physical, emotional and spiritual. It embodies community, connection and consciousness and is a state of mind and being, not just a form of meditation and/or fitness. I believe an authentic yogini/yogi should practice yoga “off the mat,” extending yoga into “clean” and “green” lifestyle choices that reflect a cohesive sense of responsibility, integrity and wellness. Yoga is about service to oneself, to others and to the planet, as we are all interconnected. The energy which emanates from a yoga mindset is a powerful vehicle to affect positive change in the world and that change starts at the individual level.

Olive: That sounds like some heavy-duty work, but I’m ready for it! Is there a yoga diet that you follow?

Marci: Yoga is rooted in consciousness, so likewise, I subscribe to mindful dietary choices. I do not eat red meat, poultry, dairy products, refined sugars or flours or chemical-ridden processed foods. I eat mostly whole foods, and definitely organic whenever possible – fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts and grains. Food is energy, so what we take in makes a huge difference to our well-being and ability to live a grounded lifestyle.

Olive: I love green veggies and fresh fruits, and I drink about a gallon a water a day to stay hydrated. What about music? Music lifts the spirit. Who is on your music playlist?

Marci: I have an eclectic mix of music faves, like-minded musicians from Michael Franti, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz to world and instrumental music like Putomayo, Thievery Corp and AR Rahman. I also enjoy a classic array of talents, such as Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley and The Beatles. I also love what makes me wanna dance, including hip hop and Shiva Rea yoga trance dance!

Olive: Can you recommend any books on fitness and spirituality? What are you reading now?

Marci: “The Thread of Breath” is a beautiful book by Tias and Surya Little. In yoga, it is breath, or Prana, that links a practice together. Gabrielle Roth’s “Sweat Your Prayers: Five Rhythms Meditation,” is another powerful book for mind/body inspiration. Lately, my husband and I have been spiritual documentary junkies…there are so many amazing films (on Netflix and YouTube) connecting science and spirit. I’m currently reading the book “Abundance.”

Olive: Marci, I can’t thank you enough for all your guidance and advice. You are truly an inspiration! Namaste, my friend.

Marci: Namaste, Olive.

Olive: Next up, friends, I am going to practice and perfect this wieldy pose. Wish me luck!


About Marci Zaroff
Marci Zaroff is an internationally recognized ECOlifestyle pioneer, expert, innovator and educator. As co-founder of “The Institute for Integrative Nutrition,” founder of ECOfashion brands Under the Canopy and FASE, and Portico Brand Group CMSO, Marci has been instrumental in driving authenticity, environmental leadership and social justice worldwide.


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