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May is National Bike to Work Month. If commuting to work by bicycle isn’t practical or feasible, why not do the next best thing and take a JoyRide on a bicycle instead? That’s what I did one weekend not too long ago!

Rhodie Lorenz, co-owner of the Joyride Cycling Studio in Westport, CT, has created an indoor cycling experience called the JoyRide Cycling Method! JoyRide’s classes are set to music in a dimly lit, stadium-style seating studio and are led by a motivational instructor. It is different and more intense than your average spin class.

I decided to take a class myself and I absolutely loved it!



O: Is Rhodie your real name or is a beautiful coincidence that an indoor cycling enthusiast would have such an appropriate name?

R:    Rhodie is my real name! I love your suggestion that it is a beautiful coincidence, and I suppose it is. I am named after a family friend, and now my name and enthusiasm for indoor cycling are forever combined.


O:     What is the JoyRide Cycling Method?

R:     The JoyRide Cycling Method is a proprietary method of teaching indoor cycling. The Method combines cycling and Pilates principles for the most efficient and effective workout.  I developed this method with emphasis on postural alignment and core engagement during the high intensity cardio interval training, riders will torch calories, release those feel good endorphins and tone muscle.

The JoyRide Cycling Method emphasizes a strong mind/body connection during class. A JoyRide is more than exercise, it is an experience. JoyRide’s classes are set to music in a dimly lit, stadium-style seating studio led by a motivational instructor. The atmosphere during class is a key ingredient to the experience of the ride. I want people to disconnect completely from their daily lives for 50 minutes of their day and clear their minds and strengthen their bodies. The intensity of the workout coupled with the group energy in the room allows riders to let go and discover their physical potential.


O:  You look great! So, that’s obvious proof that you practice what you preach! What do you need to get started? What areas of the body does the JoyRide Method yield the best results?

R: The most important thing you need to get started is a positive attitude! One of my favorite things about indoor cycling is that it appeals to a disparate crowd – young and old, the very athletic and the casual exerciser, the triathlete and the novice. Because riders control their own speed and resistance, they are able to push themselves physically at their own pace. Riding with 45 hard-working individuals is tremendous motivation, and riders quickly discover their potential is far beyond what they previously believed.

On a practical note, you need to wear workout gear and sneakers or cycling shoes (JoyRide accommodates both). Bring some water (we sell it), and we provide the towels and amazing workout!

JoyRide is a full-body workout. During the 50-minute ride, riders rotate through different positions on the bike as well as different “gears” or resistance. A JoyRide offers the best in aerobic and anaerobic interval training, which is the most efficient way to burn calories and increase fitness levels. In addition to the cardio element of the ride, JoyRide classes improve muscle tone and strength in leg muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, calf), core (abdominals, glutes, and back), as well as arms (we offer bar work with 2 or 4 pound weights that target biceps, deltoids, lats, triceps, and pecs).


O: When you aren’t cycling and growing your business, what do you like to do in your spare time?

R: In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, going to live music shows, and spending time with my husband and three sons.

O: I heard that you love to create music playlists. If you created a playlist for me, what songs would be on it?

R:  I love music! Music enhances my world, can improve my mood, tap into emotions, or help me come alive in my body. If I had to create playlist for you, I would include a variety of genres and tempos to ensure that there was a song that matched your array of moods. Here are a few examples:

  • Start Me Up: Rolling Stones (a classic, like yourself)
  • Sweet Nothin’: Florence + the Machine (a strong woman with a bit of a temper, like yourself)
  • Kashmir: Bond (a heavy, heart-thumping instrumental to help with focus)
  • Runaround Sue: Dion (for a pick me up fun tap dance around your kitchen while mixin up dinner)
  • On Top of The World: Imagine Dragons (another upbeat tune when you want to remind yourself that you are on top of your game)
  • Put the Gun Down: ZZ Ward (a contemporary tune with rhythm and a solid beat! Shake out the jealousy in this song so you don’t have to take it out on your man.)
  • Give Me Just a Reason: P!nk (a slow ballad type duet that will remind you of your not perfect, but pretty good romance with Popeye).

Music is always mood changing and always personal!

O: I couldn’t agree more! I love your song selections! Do you ever teach classes in New York City?

R: I teach exclusively at JoyRide in Westport and Darien, CT. I don’t currently teach in New York City, but would welcome that as a thrilling opportunity!

O: I’ll see if I can pull some strings and make that happen for you! Thanks, Rhodie, for taking the time to speak with me. It’s been a pleasure. Keep spinning those wheels of yours! Everyone should look so good doing it.

On May 19, 2013, Rhodie’s JoyRide Cycling Studio is hosting the 2nd Annual Kickin’ Cancer!® Ride & Family Fun Day in Westport, CT. Proceeds from this event will benefit the Lynne Cohen Foundation, which is celebrating 15 years of preventive care, collaboration and education for ovarian and breast cancer.

RhodieLorenz_JoyCycleAbout Rhodie Lorenz
On the bike and off, Rhodie is swift, passionate and purposeful. She co-founded JoyRide and developed its exclusive method based on her belief that form (based on Pilates principles) + attitude (best positive effort) + good music (rhythm and mood) = a better you. She believes that exercise challenges us to be our best and creates new opportunities for us in the studio and beyond.


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