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It is Memorial Day Weekend and the official start to summer here on the East Coast. Ninety three days to soak up some sun and fun. I can’t wait!

What better way to kick off the start of summer than by talking about swimsuits with Michael Castillo, founder and designer of Cielo Rosso!


Cantania One Piece


Exclusive and luxurious, Cielo Rosso delivers a line of Italian-inspired swimsuits that are made in the USA. The line targets the hi-end consumer, focusing on the importance of using only the finest fabrics with a cut and style unlike any other, while still paying extensive attention to detail.

Olive: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Michael. How are you kicking off Memorial Day Weekend?

Michael: We are kicking off the summer at The Roosevelt Hotel this Sunday. My team at Cielo Rosso and I designed the rooftop uniforms.

Olive: What trends in swimwear do you see this season?  

Michael: For 2013 bright neon colors are all the rage.  They really accentuate a tan body and are definitely the ticket to getting noticed on the beach or by the pool.  I have been a fan of solids over prints for as long as I can remember.  A black swimsuit with updated details, never gets old.  Prints go in and out of style and after a season most look worn out.  So I would have to say that along with the super vivid colors, a nice solid black top or bottom is something to make sure you have in your closet.

The other thing about solids, especially for Cielo Rosso since we sell separates, is that you can mix them with a print from another designer and still have a fabulous looking combo.

As far as cuts are concerned, Brazilian bottoms and high waisted bottoms are both really hot.  Last season when I was working on the 2013 line, I sort of skipped the middle of the road and went all in on both.  Fortunately, both have been extremely popular this season.


Cinzia 8 String Bandeau Two Piece

Bandeau tops have been in for a while and are definitely one of our most popular items.  I don’t know if it is because of how unique and comfortable Cielo Rosso tops are, or if it is just the fact that bandeaus are trending really hot right now.  But for sure it is something that is another must have for this summer.


Angelina Bandeau

As far as embellishments, they are definitely in style this season.  Lots of designers are going crazy and, if done correctly, the look is amazing.  As far as my designs for Cielo Rosso, I tend to stay away from them.  Probably the main reason is that if you actually use your swimsuit in a pool or at the beach regularly, they eventually fall off, wear out or rust.  I want to make sure that whatever I design will follow three rules.  First, it has to look amazing; Secondly, it must be extremely comfortable so you want to wear it all day at the beach and won’t be fidgeting with it all day long or want to rush home to change; and thirdly, but just as important, it has to last more than one season.

We manufacture everything in house right at our own factory in the USA.  Cielo Rosso can ensure that the quality and longevity are there.

Olive:  What kind of swimsuit would look best on Olive’s long, lean frame?

Michael:  The perfect suit for Olive Oyl with her tall and lean body, would be a great high waisted bottom to flatter the hips and waist. That would be paired with our Carrina top, which drops down low enough on the stomach to create the perfect beach look.

Olive:  Many of the swimsuits on the Cielo Rosso website are named after girls (i.e. Sophia, Arabella, Michaela and Dominique). I have to ask, if you were to name a swimsuit after me, would it be a bikini or a one piece? 

Michael:  The suits are named after all things Italy.  Mostly Italian women names and a few beautiful cities.  If I were going to name a suit after you, Olive, it would easily be the Olivia.  Hmmm…Actually, I have a new tankini that I think I have been searching to name.  Look for it later this year!

Olive:  What exactly is the Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath?

Michael:  Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath was created to remove salt, chlorine, spray-on tans that bleed over onto swimwear and will not damage the embellishments used on most swimwear. In 2012, I teamed up with Darcie DeBartelo to create Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath™.  Along with DeBartelo’s luxury spa expertise, we crafted the perfect formula that helps preserve a swimsuit to keep it looking like new each and every time you wear it!  Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath™ maintains the suit’s elasticity and removes chlorine, salt and sunscreen. Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath is biodegradable, hypoallergenic and does not conduct any animal testing.

Olive:  What are this year’s must-have beach accessories?

Michael: The must-have accessories for the season are, sarongs and kaftans.  We are noticing that younger and younger girls even down to the 16-17-year-old range are buying them.  It was more of a 30+ a few years ago, but pieces have become a great addition to the pool bag this summer.

MichaelCastilloAbout Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo is renowned award-winning photographer with a background in fashion and editorial work.  In 2011, while sitting on an Italian beach admiring a beautiful red sky, Castillo had a vision. This vision eventually translated into a unique concept for a swimsuit line appropriately named Cielo Rosso, which translates to “red sky” in Italian. 


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