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We have all heard Lao Tzu’s adage, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” At Preserve24, a new restaurant that recently opened on Manhattan’s lower East Side, the journey begins with some tasty bites and libations and includes a fantastic leap of the imagination involving an expedition to an icy frontier. Preserve24 is a restaurant, bar and art installation that truly gives new meaning to destination dining.

Preserve24 upstairs cafe
Preserve24 is the home of The New York Explorer’s Society, a fictional “preserve”-ation society that is planning an expedition to carve out, by hand, a chunk of glacial ice from Greenland. The actual art installation part of the restaurant is scheduled to be completed in 2014 when an actual group from the ICE Project travels to Greenland for a trip to raise awareness about climate change. The group plans to carve out and extract a 2,000 pound block of ice from the Basal Ice Sheet in Greenland. The group will then transport the massive ice block to its new home at Preserve24, where it will remain frozen intact in a sculptural, solar-powered freezer called a reliquary. Chew on that, my dears!

Preserve24 - Reliquary with sitting Buddha

From the architecture and up-cycled décor (the raw bar is made of a repurposed boat from the 1860’s) to the farm-to-table food offerings (the Farmers Market Salad is delish), every last detail in Preserve24 pays homage to the illustrious history of the lower East Side and serves as a reminder of a time long ago when people set out on these fantastic, faraway voyages. (In fact, in keeping with the journey theme, the entrance is designed to resemble a train car.)

Preserve24 - raw bar

Designed by San Francisco-based artist Brian Goggin, Preserve24 is comprised of two floors with a first floor café, a downstairs theater-style kitchen, a downstairs bar that is made of three up-cycled grand pianos and an upstairs raw bar made from a boat that dates back to the 1860’s. The space itself was once home to three former tenement buildings. When I say the space is repurposed, I’m really not exaggerating!

Preserve24 downstairs piano bar

Using a massive wood-burning stove, chef John Parlatore creates American and Mediterranean- influenced, rustic dishes, such as a Smoked Pork Chop with molasses baked beans ($28) and Fennel Crusted Upstate Veal Chop with vinegar peppers ($36).

Mouthwatering doesn’t adequately describe the menu, and phenomenal doesn’t convey the time, attention and detail that went into creating this restaurant. Add Preserve24 to your must-see places in New York City.

Giant Pot Belly Stove

Location: 177 East Houston Street (entrance on Allen Street)
For reservations, call 646.837.6100
Email: info@preserve24.com

Open Daily:
Coffee & Pastry  8am – 11am daily
Lunch 11am – 5pm daily
Brunch 11am – 5pm   Saturday & Sunday
Supper 5pm – 2am daily



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