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My name is Olive and I am a tea snob. Since moving to New York, I have been burning the candle at both ends. Making your dreams come true in this town requires non-stop doing! Since this is truly the city that never sleeps, it is taking my sleep deprivation to an entirely different level. To combat fatigue, I cherish my morning cup of tea like an overboard non-swimmer clings to a life raft. Brewing a cup of tea and eagerly waiting as it steeps to delicious perfection is my non-negotiable start to every day.

Recently, I made a very serendipitous find while walking through The Plaza Hotel’s mouth-watering Food Hall at One West 59th Street in Manhattan. I discovered the Kusmi Tea retail store. Cue the soundtrack music from the choir of heavenly angels here!


The Kusmi Tea store isn’t massive, but the bounty of more than 65 unique and high-quality blends is staggering. Feeling somewhat frazzled on that particular day, I treated myself to a box of the specialty line of Wellness Teas. Since that fateful day, I have been in tea nirvana!

When I need a jolt of energy because my schedule is packed and my patience is running on fumes, I brew a cup of Boost — a tasty blend of maté and green tea peppered with cinnamon bark, zesty ginger and whole cardamom pods.

To unwind after a hectic, stressful and non-stop day, I treat myself to a cup of Be Cool — a calming and subtle blend of verbena, licorice root and peppermint.

Be Cool 4.4 oz Tin

When I take “Eat, drink and be merry” to over-indulgent extremes, there is my go-to, morning-after, pick-me-up cure: the aptly named Detox cleansing tea. It helps my body recover, thanks in part to its earthy combination of lemongrass, maté and green tea

When I’m missing my long-distance sweetie, I sip on Sweet Love—a spicy blend of black tea, guarana seeds and pink peppercorn that awakens my five senses and keeps me mindful of all the good people and things in my life.

Sweet Love 4.4 oz Tin

When my sweet tooth is longing for chocolate, I indulge in a cup of Euphoria—a calorie-free drink (yay!) and yummy blend of roasted maté that gives off a fragrant scent of chocolate and orange (delish!).

Finally, the BB Detox tea keeps my body moisturized from the inside out. This great-tasting blend of maté, green tea and rooibos, flavored with a hint of grapefruit, does for my interior what my favorite BB cream miraculously does for my exterior.


With 30 stores worldwide, ranging from New York and Paris to Milan, Montreal and Tokyo, Kusmi Tea is a daily trip to nirvana. Oh, and their decorative, airtight mini-cans are pretty fabulous too.

Keep calm and drink plenty of tea, my lovelies!

logo_KusmiAbout Kusmi Tea
Kusmi Tea was founded more than 145 years ago in St. Petersburg, Russia by Pavel Michailovitch Kousmichoff, who learned the art of blending tea as a boy, working as a tea merchant. Kusmi was one of the main tea houses in Russia, as well as the supplier to the court of ancient Tsars. The Kousmichoff family migrated Kusmi Tea to a new home in Paris, fleeing from the 1917 Russian revolution. The company then developed their business all over the world, in cities including London, Berlin, Moscow, and Constantinople. In 2003, the Orebi Family acquired the brand and named Sylvain Orebi as the new CEO of Kusmi Tea.





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