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I recently discovered the beautiful jewelry line, KiraKira, which was created by designer and founder, Suz Somersall in 2007. Ms. Somersall studied jewelry and metal smithing in Italy and Japan. In 2011, Suz moved to New York City, where she partnered with Whitney Blake to grow the company into what it is today.

KiraKira now has three distinct lines, the ‘KiraKira’ collection of fashion jewelry, the ‘Luxe’ collection of luxury and bridal jewelry, and the ‘Suz Somersall’ collection of handbags. KiraKira’s aesthetic is modern but nostalgic, often sourcing inspiration from the nature and architecture of the world’s most exotic locations.


After seeing her nautical-inspired designs, I knew I had to speak with Suz Somersall about her line of “wearable art” accessories. She is as delightful and beautiful as her jewelry and accessories.

Olive: What was your inspiration for the Spring Look Book 2013?

Suz: The theme was a modern Great Gatsby wedding with deco accents.


Olive: What is your favorite piece from each collection? 

Suz: I love our Luxury 18k Rose Pink Diamond and Tourmaline Sakura Ring, our KiraKira Pave White Sapphire Etoiles Studs and our Saddle Devonshire leather tote.


Pink Rose Diamond and Tourmaline Sakura Engagement Ring

Olive: If you could pick one item from each collection for Olive Oyl, what would it be?

Suz: I think the pave diamond Starlette studs, KiraKira Starfish Cuff and spotted Pembroke would be perfect accessories!

Kai Cuff

KiraKira Starfish Cuff


Spotted Pembroke Bag

Olive: What trends are you seeing for Summer and Fall?

Suz: Futuristic patterns, shapes and textures.


Embossed Hot Pink Clutch

Olive: Where can shoppers find you?

Suz: We can be found online at www.kirakirajewelry.com, and we actually just moved to a new showroom in the Garment District which is great because we are much closer to our vendors (both handbags and jewelry), our PR firm and most of our other contacts.


Suzanne7_webresAbout Suz Somersall
Suz Somersall’s love for jewelry began at an early age. Born and raised in New Orleans, she studied the silhouetted artwork of Kara Walker as an undergraduate at Brown University, and then as a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design. She went on to pursue her passion for design in ateliers in Tuscany and on her own in Japan. These locations, varied in their landscapes and histories, form the diverse collection of Suz’ s jewelry. Oxidized cherry blossoms, pearl studded antlers, empty Baroque cameos: all her inspirations begin as silhouettes and end as intricate adornments.

Whitney_2About Whitney Blake
Whitney Blake graduated from Harvard where she studied economics and became interested in fashion and marketing. After receiving a graduate degree at Columbia and an MBA at Chicago Booth, she partnered with Suz at KiraKira. Whitney’s passion for business development and love for beautiful jewelry and handbags fueled her desire to join the KiraKira team. It’s a dream come true for her to be making them now!



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