Olive Live: An Interview with Sara Delarosa of Shopbevel.com


Hello my lovelies! Have you heard about Shopbevel? Shopbevel works with independent designers to bring to market the best in jewelry design. Designers submit designs, the community votes and Shopbevel produces selected winners. It’s a win win for everyone, especially accessory lovers like me who like to wear original and eye-catching pieces that don’t cost an exorbitant amount of money. Plus, I get to support up-and-coming and undiscovered jewelry designers!


I spoke to Sara Delarosa, Director of Designer Relations at Shopbevel, to learn more about the business model and what the future holds for this innovative start up.

Olive: What is your title and role at Shopbevel?

Sara: Director of Designer Relations, but I play a large role working with each designer, handling challenges, sponsorships, events, etc.


Olive: What trends are hot right now in accessories?

Sara: For summer, neon is always in, but my favorite trend is always a nod to the vintage classic with a modern twist. It could be a long pendant necklace with spikes and crystals to add the edge or an amazing cocktail ring made from breaking a vintage brooch. Pieces that have a story are always more meaningful!

Olive: What Fall trends can we expect to see?

Sara: For Fall, we can expect to see some chunky and statement pieces and interesting textures with many of the new Pantone colors of the season coming through, including darker hues of green, orange and purple.


Designed by K.H of Queen’s Own Jewelry (https://www.etsy.com/shop/QueensOwnJewels)

Olive: How long does it usually take for a design to reach the manufacturing and sell phase?

Sara: It totally depends on the piece, but we think of it as a three month process. It starts with the challenge and is voted into our community, then is sent to production and manufacturing and brought to market. Each piece is a unique challenge with the different individual components to source – it keeps it interesting!


Designed by Tory Minkel (www.minxmade.com)

Olive: Who are your favorite “One to Watch” designers?

Sara: There are so many talented designers out there and we have so many new designers on our site that I know are going to be huge! One that I love is Lucky Twin and another is Becca White from Amarillo, TX. Both have very unique styles, but each piece they do showcases their talent and highlights their aesthetic, whether it’s intricate beading and crystal work or aztec and edgy inspirations.


Designed by Nim Lang of Lucky Twin (www.LuckyTwin.etsy.com)

Olive: What advice can you give to a designer who is interested in submitting designs to Shopbevel?

Sara: I would say that it’s important to keep checking our “Design” tab so you can find a challenge that works for you! Every designer deserves the chance to make it and get their pieces out in the marketplace and that’s what we are working hard to do.

LogoAbout Shopbevel
Shopbevel works with an international community of jewelry designers to source the best in jewelry design. By collaborating with trade schools, industry organizations and community groups, Shopbevel provides every jewelry designer with the opportunity to showcase their work and bring their designs to market.



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