Olive Goil: Joanne Nosuchinsky, 2013 Miss New York USA


Meet Joanne Nosuchinsky, who was crowned Miss New York USA 2013 in January. This beauty queen and aspiring actress calls Hell’s Kitchen in New York City her home and can be seen every Saturday night in the off-Broadway show, “The Awesome 80s Prom.” We chatted about what it takes to win a beauty pageant and what it means to be “a broken cheerleader.” Remember her name and face because, with her drive and ambition, this girl is going straight to the top!


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Olive: How long have you held the title of Miss New York USA 2013? How has your life changed since winning the title?

Joanne:I was crowned Miss NY USA 2013 in late January, so about six months. Since winning the title, I have been much busier. Between workouts, meeting with sponsors, attending events and keeping my day job, I have become a pro at time management!


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Olive: Was this your first pageant? How do you even prepare to participate in a beauty pageant?
Joanne:This was my first beauty pageant! Preparation is both mental and physical. I approached this competition as I would an acting role. How would I get “cast” as Miss NY USA? I did my research. I watched YouTube videos of past USA pageants. I worked out and ate right, and I dug deep to find what it is that sets me apart from the rest.
Olive: What is your philanthropic passion?
Joanne: My personal platform is Support the Arts/Arts Education. Art and performance are key in both personal and community development. And, living in a cosmopolitan city like New York City, we see just how true that is. I work with a non-profit called The All-Stars Project, which introduces this idea to inner-city communities.
Olive: What was the experience like to compete in Miss USA 2013 in Vegas? Does everything that happens in Vegas really stay in Vegas?
Joanne: Competing in the Miss USA pageant in Vegas was surreal. I still ask myself, ‘Did that really happen?’ In my wildest dreams, I never imagined I would be competing in a national beauty pageant. I knew I would be on stage, performing for an audience, and so I decided to treat my experience as such. I really enjoyed rehearsals and the production aspects to the show.


Competing at Miss USA 2013 pageant during preliminaries

I also compare the experience to summer camp, because I got to spend three weeks with some truly amazing women. Not everything stays in Vegas. I’ll be carrying along with me the friendships I made there for years to come.
Olive: What is the best advice you have received since winning the title.
Joanne:The best advice I received since winning Miss NY USA is to stay true to myself. You are surrounded by lots of opinions of people who mean well, but no one knows you better than you. And, at the end of the day, you are not only representing your state on that stage but yourself as well.


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Olive: What is the No. 1 beauty trick you learned form being a pageant contestant? What is the weirdest trick?
Joanne: One of the best tricks I have learned is how to wear clip in extensions. The majority of pageant girls rely on a little extra hair for those big events. It makes your hair go from pretty to fabulous.
The weirdest trick is how to contour my abs while spray tanning myself.
Olive: What is your favorite place to go in New York?
Joanne:Lincoln Center. It’s so calm there, and I always hope that being surrounded by such talent will inspire/rub off on me.


Photo credit: Niko Paleologus

Olive: Describe your personal style.
Joanne:My personal style is Club Monaco meets Bebe. I love clean classic lines and a good fit, with a sexy edge.

Olive: How do you stay in such fabulous shape?
Joanne:Living in New York, I walk almost everywhere so I’m always on the go. I also have an amazing fitness sponsor, KettleBell Kickboxing. They offer high-intensity, interval training classes that combine cardio and weightlifting. An hour class, three times a week is all I need. Also, good genetics help.
Olive: Do you have a day job?
Joanne: I moved to New York to be an actress, and as is the case with most actresses, that means I bartend to pay my rent. The flexible hours allow me to pursue my other goals. I’ll continue to honor my day job until I can support myself without it.
Olive: Tell me more about your character in the Off-Broadway show, “The Awesome 80s Prom.”
Joanne:I play Heather #1, an 80’s cheerleader in “The Awesome 80’s Prom.” Heather #1 is the broken cheerleader, meaning I continue to injure myself throughout the course of the evening. The show is largely improv-based. I get to dance to 80’s music, interact with the audience and have a blast every Saturday night.


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About Joanne Nosuchinsky
Joanne Nosuchinsky acquired an affinity for the stage at a young age, but a discovery of scoliosis caused a setback in pursuing her passion. Refusing corrective surgery, she wore a back brace for four years. She studied at the Fine and Performing Arts Center at Howell High School, and won a full scholarship for Acting to Rider University. In 2013, she was crowned Miss New York USA.


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  1. Great article. Loved all the advice. The best hair for pageant girls is the Glam Seamless tape in hair extensions because they are natural and last for 2-3 weeks. Prepping for a competition myself I wear them so I don’t have to worry about having great hair. Its the best hair extensions for pageants.

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