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New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow, Sept. 5th and runs through Sept. 12, 2013. One of the Spring 2014 collections that I can’t wait to see is Boy Meets Girl by Stacy Igel.

What is going to make it even more exciting is Boy Meets Girl (BMG) has teamed up with Just Dance for STYLE360 at New York Fashion Week to unveil the BMG collection on Sept. 12!

BMG’s Spring 2014 collection is inspired by the energy and style of Just Dance 2014, the world’s popular dance game. Celebrity guests expected to attend the BMG show and walk the runway include: actress Brittany Snow and tennis player Sloane Stephens. Plus, Austin Mahone will perform live during the show! If that isn’t enough to get my heart racing, then I really don’t know what will!

I spoke with Stacy Igel about what fans of Boy Meets Girl can expect during her Fashion Week show. Here’s what she had to say…

Stacy Igel 2

Photo credit: Je’Bo

Olive: Is it true that you are launching a new party dress line during Fall Fashion Week?

Stacy: “Yes and beyond excited!!! I told my Mom at the age of four that I would only wear party dresses to nursery school.  I dressed my Pre–K classmates and staged fashion shows in my school’s cafeteria.  So, it looks like I am bringing back what I told her I would do at the age of four!”

Olive: What can fans of Boy Meets Girl expect to see at the September show?

Stacy: This season’s Boy Meets Girl® collection is inspired by Just Dance® 2014, the latest upcoming installment in the Just Dance® video game franchise.  I wanted to bring the virtual dance floor to life on the runway, with a collection that’s fun, innovative and reflects the energy, music and design of the game. I’ve always been interested in how technology and pop culture influence fashion, and the Just Dance® franchise is a perfect example of how the two are intertwined. Above all, I wanted my line to reflect the fun, party-like vibe of the game—it’s impossible not to feel happy when you play it! As a fashion designer, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with a gaming brand that appreciates and encourages the interconnected nature of fashion and design in all its forms.

The runway will feature iconic Boy Meets Girl® graphic tees, flirty skirts, sleek leggings and fun party dresses. Pops of color inspired by the geometric background of the box design can be seen in each piece and expressed appropriately in the collection’s sequins, eco-friendly feathers, zipper and button detailing. I designed the collection into themes: Funky, Happy, Jazzy, Crazy, all based on the names of the game’s signature avatars. The Boy Meets Girl® collection celebrates freedom of expression, technology, art and dance, all cultural elements that bring people together. Fans can follow the stream here: #justdance2014 #boymeetsgirl

Here are some of my sneak sketches…

sneak of sketches for OK Magazine

Olive: How do you select the models for your show? Is there a particular type of girl that resonates with your brand?

Stacy: I love finding fresh faces and girls who have a fun, edgy attitude.

Olive: How do you pick the music? What kind of mood are you hoping to set at this year’s show?

Stacy: Each show is different … past shows I have worked with the Neon Trees, Natasha Bedingfield, The Veronicas, Wyclef Jean, Cris Cab, Jarina De Marco and Leah Labelle. I love working with all types of artists, especially those with a strong vision and who see my vision too.

For this particular show, I am excited to feature a fresh new artist Austin Mahone, who will kick off the evening with a live performance followed by a mix of tracks I hand-selected from the Just Dance 2014 playlist to work into my collection’s themes of Funky, Happy, Jazzy and Crazy.

Olive: You also have an activewear line. Since Olive is known for her love of the outdoors and physical activity, how would you style Olive Oyl?

Stacy:  I would style Olive Oyl in these City Leggings and Coco Hoodie!

City_Legging grey_coco

Olive: Is there a piece from your latest collection that you can envision me wearing?

Stacy: Yes, definitely! I can see you in all the party dresses and my new flirty skirts. There are ball gown skirts that are named the “Meet and Greet” skirts. I think Popeye would love you in these!

Olive: Well, I can’t wait to see your new collection! It will be the highlight of my New York Fashion Week experience! Stacy, I wish you all the best for your show and the new collection.

And to all my lovelies, remember, when life gets you feeling a little crazy, do what I do … JUST DANCE!

Olive Concept_01_Dancing



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