Live Olive: Meet Kanan Kapila, Co-Founder of Jaipure Yoga


My ongoing series of National Yoga Month interviews continues with Kanan Kapila, yoga instructor (E-RYT 500) and co-founder of JaiPure Yoga, who thoughtfully approaches Yoga as an art form. She believes, through meaningful teachings and powerful practice, that yoga creatively informs us that we can strengthen and refine the shape and quality of our body and mind.

“The brilliance of yoga is the perfect function of energy designed to assist our true nature ~ to dwell in joy. Yoga can uplift and color our connection with each other and our sense of self, creating an oasis that radiates,” she writes on her website.

For Kanan, yoga is an artful way to inspire and potentiate well-being.

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Olive: What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

Kanan: I was drawn to yoga from my very first Vinyasa yoga class. The practice and the teachings inspired me profoundly to have two empowering birth experiences, which then led me to study yoga and inspired me to be a yoga teacher.  My education is Masters in Social Work which, for me, connects to the service part of yoga and to the community and welfare of women and children globally. Teaching yoga offers me the opportunity to serve my clients in all realms: body, mind, breath, senses and spirit.

Olive: How long have you been practicing yoga?

Kanan: Ten+ years.

Olive: What is your favorite style of yoga?

Kanan: My favorite style is a form that combines Vinyasa and Kundalini with emphasis on Iyengar precision.

Olive: Do you have a favorite pose?

Kanan: Yes, The Triangle Pose. The three geometric points represent strength, stability and structure. Mind, body and breath (spirit).

Olive: You are realizing your dream and opening your own yoga studio, which you have named Jaipure Yoga. Congratulations! When is the opening, and where is it located?

Kanan: JaiPure Yoga is scheduled to open on September 15, 2013 in the Downtown Shopping District of Montclair, New Jersey.

Olive: Do you have any advice for people who are interested in yoga or who are new to practicing it?

Kanan: Unroll your mat and let the magic unfold. “Atha yoga anusasanam” meaning “Be here now.” Remove any doubts. Stay focused and set your attention to what is most prevalent. Practice makes perfect is JaiPure Yoga’s mission. Your practice, your perfection…the art of yoga is to refine and manifest your true intentions.

Olive: Do you recommend any must-have yoga accessories?

Kanan: Oh my, do I!

1. A JADE Harmony Natural Rubber Eco Mat in SAFFRON color (a percentage of sales goes to Autism Awareness).

2. Satya Jewelry Mala for my meditation practice.

3. Jill’s Juice, My Daily Greens, after my practice.

4. H2O

5. My iPod for music … the rhythm and sound of my favorite tunes, created in playlists for my classes, inspires my class flow. Click here for Kanan’s Home to World playlist 

Olive: Do you have a favorite inspirational quote that defines your practice or philosophy?

Kanan: When my daughter Kaira was very little, she would focus on an object and study it. She then would practice doing, undoing, redoing, etc. We would ask her, “Kaira, what are you doing?”  She would reply with a sweet, steady and joyful voice, “Anything.”  Her message was “I can do anything.”

Another favorite quote of mine is “Do your practice and all is coming,” which is an all-encompassing, inspiring quote by Guruji Pattabhi Jois. And, another favorite yoga and life inspirational quote, “In order to be kind, one must do. There is no point in thinking good thoughts and not acting on them,” by Ingrid Newkirk.

Olive: When you aren’t teaching yoga, what do you like to do in your spare time? Any favorite places to go or eat in NYC?

Kanan: Just being with my two daughters, Lola and Kaira, and husband, Vik, as well as having time with my girlfriend. I enjoy making food that is nourishing and delicious. Art, in any form, is a must!

The New York City eatery that I like to frequent is Chelsea Market (all good there). I also enjoy Pure Food & Wine and few quaint eateries downtown.

JaiPure Yoga is located at 575 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ 07042. Call 973.744. PURE (7873) for directions and class schedule. To learn more about Jaipure Yoga, please visit their Facebook page at or follow @JaiPureYoga on Twitter.

Kanan Kapila HeadshotAbout Kanan Kapila
Kanan was born in India, the birthplace of Yoga. After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Fordham University, Kanan worked as a licensed therapist in private and public sectors of maternal and child health. Her passion for teaching Yoga began 12+ years ago, practicing Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Her yoga practice inspired her two empowering homebirth experiences. Kanan received her 300 and 500 hour advanced yoga certifications in Hatha/Vinyasa, Kids and Prenatal at Lotus Yoga. She trained and maintains her study and practice under the guidance of notable teachers in NYC, NJ and CA.


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