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If you have not heard of the fitness craze SoulCycle yet, get ready because you will. Seven years ago, Julie Rice co-founded Soul Cycle, a unique brand of exercise that is part spin class/part party/part meditation, with Elizabeth Cudler. When Julie couldn’t find the perfect workout, she decided to create it.

SoulCycle was created with the intention that exercise should be fun and inspirational. Each class consists of 45 minutes of intense cardio, set to high energy music. The studio is lit only by candles. What started as a business plan on a napkin is now a growing business with a cult-like following.

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SoulCycle now has more than 5,000 riders each day in 14 studios in California and New York. There is no membership fee to join SoulCycle. Participants are charged per class.In addition to its physical and mental benefits, a SoulCycle class offers valuable life lessons as well. Don’t overthink. Just do it. Put one foot in front of the other and eventually you will go far.

I spoke with Gabby Etrog Cohen, the Public Relations and Marketing Director at SOULCYCLE in New York City. Here’s what she had to say about the latest fitness phenomenon.

Olive:  What makes a SoulCycle class different from Spin classes offered at other gyms in New York City?

Gabby:  SoulCycle has reinvented the indoor cycling workout and made it a full-body, JOYFUL 45-minute workout where we dance on the bike. It is a cardio party!


Olive:  Are there SoulCycle studios located only in Manhattan? Are there plans to open more in the other four boroughs?

Gabby:  We have studios in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Long Island, Los Angeles and San Francisco. We will open another six studios this year and 15 next year.

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Olive:  How many calories does one SoulCycle class burn?

Gabby:  500-700 calories in 45-minutes.

Olive:  How many cyclists participant per class? Is there a required fitness level?

Gabby:  Between 40-70 riders per class. There is no required fitness level. Riders can take it at their own pace.

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Olive:  What is the cost of a class?

Gabby:  In New York, it is $34 a class.

Olive:  How often do participate in classes each week?

Gabby:  Four to five times a week.

Olive:  A SoulCycle class sounds intense. What is your favorite part of the class?

Gabby:  I love dancing on the bike and riding as part of a pack. If I am tired, I am inspired by the energy of the rider next to me and push harder than I would if I was exercising alone.

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