Olive Loves: Olive Oyl Personalized VISA Prepaid Debit Cards


I’m just thrilled that Card.com has chosen to feature moi on a new line of Olive Oyl® Personalized VISA® Prepaid Debit Cards! O.K., to be fair, they also have Popeye® Personalized VISA® Prepaid Debit Cards. Gotta give the Sailor Man his due. I was curious about how the whole thing works, so I sat down for a chat with Ben Katz, CEO and co-founder of Card.com.


Q. What made you choose me – oh yes, and Popeye, too – for your new line of Personalized VISA® Prepaid Debit Cards?

A. In today’s fast-paced mobile world, we are delighted to be able to open this banking option to your fans and Popeye’s, Olive. You two are one of the world’s most famous duos. Popeye has always been associated with strength and health and caring for his “goil,” Olive Oyl, and practicing fiscal responsibility is sound advice for couples in any economy. Now your fans will be able to take charge of their finances for themselves and their loved ones while making a bold statement about their own fun-filled personalities.

CARD_Olive_FBlarge4Q. It sounds like you have a philosophy behind these cards. Can you share that with us?

A. At CARD.com, we believe that everyone should have a chance to make their dreams come true, and we are dedicated to creating a fair, fashionable and fun online alternative to traditional banks. CARD.com prepaid debit cards can be used everywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. There is a growing trend in prepaid cards that is being increasingly embraced by leading financial institutions such as Chase and American Express, and retailers such as Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and Walgreens. We are not offering gift cards, but rather bank-issued, fraud-protected, FDIC-insured debit cards with a user-friendly online banking experience. CARD.com Prepaid Cards include 55,000 in-network ATMs, free direct deposit, and free check deposit via our company’s highly intuitive mobile app. Our aim is to bring an easy-to-use and affordable banking experience that reflects people’s passions.

CARD_Olive_FBlarge3Q. Wow! I’m so honored to have my own prepaid debit card. Where can my fans use it?

A. The Olive Oyl prepaid card can be used everywhere Visa is accepted; it is 100% FDIC insured and offers a fully featured online banking experience, just like traditional branch banking—but without overdraft or late fees.

CARD_Olive_FBlarge2Q. O.K. So where do my fans go to get one?

A. It’s an easy process on our website. To sign up, fans can click here.

That’s terrific. Thanks so much, Ben. I love the designs you’ve created and look forward to reminding people how stay on track with their finances every time they use their card with me on it!


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