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As a girl-on-the-go, I’m always interested in finding ways to make fitness fun. So when I found out about ChaiseFitness, I got so excited!

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ChaiseFitness is the natural culmination of founder Lauren Piskin’s lifelong passion for health and wellness. Lauren “wanted to get Pilates off of its back and bring it into the modern upbeat vibe of New York City” so she created this fabulous workout experience.

We were lucky enough to hear more about this fantastic place and workout style!


Could you tell me more about what it’s like to do a ChaiseFitness workout?
The Reinvention Method at ChaiseFitness is a truly unique experience. You will feel energized, accomplished, and you will leave feeling longer, leaner, and stronger than when you walked through the door.


How many calories does one ChaiseFitness class burn?
You can burn anywhere between 400-800 calories depending on the type of class you take.


Is there a required fitness level to participate in a ChaiseFitness class?
All of our classes are mixed level and do not require any previous experience in Pilates. All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Our system allows each client to either modify or make advanced adjustments during each exercise throughout the class.


What is your favorite part of a class?
Our flying series is fun, and enables you to perform exercises with the help of the bungees and the chair that you would never be able to do in a traditional gym class. Standing lunges, mountain climbers, and pikes transform your core while lengthening and strengthening your muscles throughout each movement.


Where could someone find out more about ChaiseFitness, or register to try a class out for themselves?
Visit www.chaisefitness.com for all studio and scheduling information.

Awesome! I am so excited about ChaiseFitness. I’ll be following them along on their Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,  and Instagram; as well as visiting them at www.chaisefitness.com for all studio and scheduling information. Thanks, ChaiseFitness!


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