Olive Oyl’s Beach Fitness Routine


It’s summer, so that means it’s time to hit the sand for a beach body workout! Recently, Olive Oyl sought the fitness advice of Angela Salveo, a certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Wellcoach and owner of CrossFit Salus, to help get her in fit and healthy for the summer.


Angela put together this routine for Olive Oyl that you may want to  try the next time you are at the beach.

First, warm up for this workout with a 5 minute jog in the sand. The unstable surface of sand is great for developing foot and ankle stability. To start off though, stick to areas where the sand is firmer (closer to the water) and leave your sneakers at home!

Complete 5 rounds each of the 5 exercises below. If you have extra time, add in a :60 second 2 minute run to the water and back in between each round.

20 second V-Sit Hold: Position yourself into as tight of a “V” as you can and hold for 20 seconds. Modify this move by simply bending your knees or holding your ankles.


20 repetitions Hip Bridge: Dig your heels into the sand and drive up your hips squeezing your glutes. Hold at the top for 3 seconds before lowering down and repeat for 20 total repetitions.

10 repetitions Pushup: Maintain a tight core throughout this move as you hold for 3 seconds at the bottom before pushing yourself back up to the top of the pushup. Modify this move by lowering down on your toes and dropping to your knees as you push up.


20 repetitions Sand Lunges Each Leg: Keeping your torso upright, alternate legs bending both to approximately 90 degrees before bringing them back together in between each rep.


20 repetitions Superwoman: Lie face down and simultaneously lift your arms and legs squeezing your glutes and pulling your shoulder blades down and back. Hold for 3 seconds at the top before lowering back down. Repeat for 20 total reps.


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About Angela Salveo

AngelaSalveoHeadshot1Angela Salveo grew up in an active family, falling in love with fitness from early childhood. She participated on many team sports, including cheerleading from Jr. High through collegiate level and track through high school. Majoring in Exercise Physiology at Iowa State University, she became a NSCA-certified personal trainer. Angela is a certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Wellcoach and a level 1 CrossFit coach, as well as CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Kids-certified. She and her husband own a CrossFit gym/box in New Jersey called CrossFit Salus.


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