Olive Oyl Sighting at the Gold Coast Piazza


Olive Oyl is vacationing in Hong Kong now through August with her boyfriend, Popeye the Sailor Man. The “Summer Marine Discovery,” an impressive magical water world display, is located at Gold Coast Piazza, a scenic waterfront area along the beautiful Castle Peak Bay.


Coordinated by LF Asia, this fun promotion features Popeye and Olive Oyl character sculpts and colorful backdrops for picture taking and character meet and greets. Young fans are given small Popeye-branded premiums, such as folders and stickers.

The Gold Coast Piazza attracts a good mix of locals, expatriates, and tourists with its seaside alfresco dining and a nearby beach, making it the perfect place for Popeye, Olive and Brutus (a.k.a. Bluto)  to enjoy some summer fun while meeting adoring (and adorable) fans!



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