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There was a lot of chatter this weekend about the Supermoon that lit up the sky on Saturday night, August 9. I admit it was pretty incredible! Scientists refer to a Supermoon as a “perigee moon,” which occurs when the moon is at its closest point in its orbit around Earth. When this happens, the moon looks larger. The next Supermoon is taking place on September 10, 2014, so mark your calendars.

After all the attention being given to the moon, I started thinking that the sun must be feeling a little left out! So, I reached out to Angela Salveo, Trainer at Hearst Tower in New York City, co-owner of CrossFit Salus and go-to friend for all my health and fitness-related questions. She showed me a wonderful way to salute the sun, so it too can feel appreciated and loved while making me feel strong and supported.

Upward Salute

Upward Salute

The Sun Salutation Pose, also known as Salute to the Sun, is a flowing series of 12 poses which warm up the body, tone the abdominal muscles and help improve strength and flexibility of the muscles and spinal column.

Let’s begin …


Mountain Pose

1. Stand tall spreading the weight evenly through your feet in Mountain pose.

Upward Salute

Upward Salute

Take a deep breath and reach toward the sky lifting up through your chest in Upward Salute (rather than compressing your lower back)

Standing Forward

Standing Forward

Fold forward to Standing Forward bend resting your hands beside your feet.

Step back into Plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders and lower yourself down to Chaturanga; only your hands and feet should touch the floor.

Plank to Chaturanga

Plank to Chaturanga

Stretching forward into Upward facing dog, use your arms to lift your torso but only bend back as far as feels comfortable and safe. It’s OK to keep your arms bent at the elbow.

Upward Facing Dog with Angela Salveo

Upward Facing Dog

Finally, lift from the hips and push the chest toward the knees in Downward facing dog


Downward Facing Dog

After completing these poses, you have officially saluted the sun. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm inside?

Many thanks to Angela Salveo for her expertise! For those interested, Angela was wearing Fabletics apparel in her photos.

About Angela Salveo

AngelaSalveoHeadshot1Angela Salveo grew up in an active family, falling in love with fitness from early childhood. She participated on many team sports, including cheerleading from Jr. High through collegiate level and track through high school. Majoring in Exercise Physiology at Iowa State University, she became a NSCA-certified personal trainer. Angela is a certified American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Wellcoach and a level 1 CrossFit coach, plus CrossFit Gymnastics and CrossFit Kids-certified. She is a personal trainer with Plus One in NYC at the Hearst Tower. She and her husband also own a CrossFit gym/box in New Jersey called CrossFit Salus.






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