Classic Is Always In


It’s red, it’s classic, it’s me!

I have been rocking my red “uniform” forever and I’ve always thought the stigma surrounding re-wearing outfits is so strange. If I look fabulous in it, why shouldn’t I wear it again?! While I love getting all dressed up for those camera-ready events, my daily outfit remains pretty consistent: black skirt, red top with a stylish white scallop neckline, paired with some sensible shoes – you can’t go wrong!

And I’m in good company. Fashion legend Anna Wintour has a formula (oversized shades, statement necklace with a power coat) and former President Barack Obama has a strategy (only blue or gray suits). Even tech genius Mark Zuckerberg has a closetful of gray t-shirts (Silicon Valley just loves being monochromatic!) because he said that eliminating the decision of what to wear helps him concentrate on making better work decisions. As a working woman, I understand the logic behind that (and I must say, I love a man in uniform ????)

Something else that I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is sustainability – more specifically sustainable fashion. When you date a sailor, you spend a lot of time at sea. And it’s impossible not to notice that our oceans have been getting more and more polluted! Did you know that in America alone, 15.1 million tons of textile waste were discarded in 2013 – most of which ended up in landfills, oh my!

A small step to help reduce this waste is to make more sustainable fashion decisions. Purchase quality timeless pieces, and don’t be afraid wear them often!

Classics with always be in and there is no shame in having a signature style!

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Olive Oyl


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