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Welcome back, Everyone, to Olive Oyl Loves!

This week, I’ve finally gotten back into yoga. I first fell in love with it two years ago, and have been practicing on and off ever since! I love how, after a session, I always seem to have a better state of mind. Yoga is so much more than just crazy moves, it’s self-discovery, and it’s a physical outlet for relieving stress and releasing emotions.

Lately I’ve been working on establishing a better balance between work and life, and a big step in achieving that goal is to commit to doing yoga more regularly — even if that means that I’m just doing a quick ten-minute stretch session before bed.  

I’m learning to give myself permission to put my mental and physical health first. You should allow yourself to discover a new passion. If you’re interested in joining me, I’m going to leave demonstration of yoga moves to the pros, so here are some of my favorite fitness bloggers:

Jules Hunt from Om and the City:


“Expect nothing, appreciate everything.” 🙏🙏🙏 Because of YOU, we made it to 20k!!! 🕺💕🕺Thank you soooo much for being beautiful, kind-hearted, and supportive comrades on this wellness journey. 🌱Getting to connect daily with so many mindful humans from all over the world and hear your stories actually gives me chills. This wellness community is full of BADASS, intelligent, and very self-aware ladies (+ gents!) and many of you I would consider a close friend, even though I’ve never physically met you (👋@fitlifewithfran + @nowheylady… I talk to you both almost everyday!) And many more! You guys amaze me. Some of my dearest IRL friends I met from the ‘gram like @vmorris41 + @livingminnaly! 👯 I didn’t see this career path coming, but I sure as hell won’t question it, because I am forever grateful to call this wellness world my actual job. 💛 You best believe I have a really ridiculous GIVEAWAY coming up in the next few days. So, stay tuned, because it’s a little ‘extra’. 💁🏻 I love you. Thank you for sticking around to celebrate this milestone with me! #omandthecity #20k // Photo 📷 by another new ‘gram to IRL friend @veggiekins! 💕

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Melanie Torres from Headstands & Heels:


Motivation is what gets you started. ✨ Persistence and habit is what keeps you going. 🙌🏻 #nevergiveup #mythoughts #qotd

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Britt Ramsey from Soul Search Fitness (@bin_nycity):

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