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Nothing say September to me like Back-to-School shopping! Although my school days are over (sigh!), this is still one of my favorite times of the year. There’s nothing quite like having a super cute backpack full of fresh notebooks as you face the exciting prospects of a new year.

When I was going to school, there were many things I couldn’t live without:

  • Planner: Between doing homework, participating in extracurricular activities, and making new friends, a planner is a must-have for achieving that delicate life I find that writing down everything I need to do helps me prioritize. That way I spend less time figuring out what I need to do, and more time doing. Getting my work done quicker meant spending more time with my friends, and not just with my textbooks.
  • Notebook and Pens: I know, I know, everyone uses a laptop now. Although I don’t do much work on paper anymore, research proves that taking notes by hand is better for information I’m guessing this is probably because there is no chance of being tempted to scroll through Facebook when the lecture gets dull!
  • Laptop: I don’t live in the stone ages, either! A laptop is essential for completing materials. If your professor allows it, I highly recommend renting digital copies of your textbooks instead of buying physical ones. Back pain is so not chic.
  • Water bottle: You can’t learn if you’re dehydrated! Utilize those water fountains around your campus and bring a reusable water bottle to school. They make so many adorable ones now! Mine is insulated, which is helpful at keeping my water cold. As a bonus, it’s better for the environment (sustainability, people!!).
  • Caffeine: Let’s be real, 8 AM classes are tough, REALLY tough. Most days, caffeine is the only thing keeping me from becoming a total zombie. I can usually be found with water bottle in one hand, and my cup of coffee in the other.
  • First Day Back Outfit: I use to spend days planning for this outfit. It has to be the perfect combination of effortless, professional and on trend. Your outfit needs to scream “I’m baaaack!” without “I’m trying too hard”. It’s a tricky balance!
  • Excitement: I really miss school now that I’m no longer going back! I met some of the most amazing people while learning the most interesting things and having a fabulous time. Be excited about being back, and all the possibilities a new year brings. Enjoy it and make memories. You’ll definitely miss it later on, I promise!

I wish you all have the most amazing year ever! Show me what you’re up to on campus using #OliveOylLoves on Facebook and Instagram.


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