Weekends at the Farmer’s Market


You can usually find me at the farmer’s market on the weekend. I swear that the tomatoes I get from a local farmer there taste so much better than the ones from the grocery store!

And it turns out, science backs me up. An average tomato usually travels over 1,300 miles from the farm to the supermarket. In comparison, the ones at the farmers market travel just over 100 miles. Just think about all the nutrition and quality of those tomatoes deteriorating as they sit in the back of these trucks going across the country! And fresher tastes better, right?!

Aside from taste, it takes energy to transport food…and you know I’m all about sustainability! When we think of global warming, we often think about fossil fuels and electricity, but what about the way we eat? Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, estimates that it takes over 56 calories of energy to produce just 1 calorie of food! That’s a lot of energy. To try to eat more sustainably, a good rule of thumb is the more local and the less processed, the better. So, help keep your local farmers in business by shopping their produce!

What if you don’t have a farmer’s market near where you live? Here are some tips:

  1. Eat more foods that don’t need labels. Apples don’t have packaging screaming at you that they’re low-fat because they don’t need to. Most often, these are the foods around the perimeter of your grocery store!
  2. Eat in season. Because transportation distance for produce that’s in season is so much shorter, farmers are able to wait till the produce is at peak ripeness before harvesting – this means tastier produce and less gas used during delivery! Curious what’s in season near you? Try Seasonable Food Guide, a website that tells you what produce is in season based on your zip code.  I’m so excited for all of the pumpkin and squashes to come back now that it’s Fall. Mmmmm – spaghetti squash with a little tomato sauce tastes just like pasta, I swear!
  3. Eat your colors. Balance is the key! A colorful plate often means a lot of different vitamins and nutrients for your body. Although delicious, a bag of assorted gummy bears does not count as eating your colors.

Let me know what you’ve bought local and how you’ve turned the ingredients into the perfect Fall recipe by using #OliveOylLoves on Facebook and Instagram! Now, I have to get back to preparing some delicious tomatoes. See ya next week!


Olive Oyl


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