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Olive Goil: Sarah Sze

I simply adore a summer’s day stroll through a fine museum or boutique gallery, don’t you? It is my sincerest belief, dearest readers, that the world is a better place in large part because there are so many pretty pictures in it…and paintings and sculptures and illustrations etc. etc. Oh, I could go on! (more…)

Olive Goil: Lena Dunham

My dears, Miss Lena Dunham is a force to be reckoned with, am I right?

With her hit film Tiny Furniture, she showed a side of us gals that had not been revealed before on film, -creating a raw, witty, and unabashed look at what it’s like to be a woman.

And now, with her hit HBO series “Girls” Dunham has done the same, bringing to television a no-nonsense, no holds barred exploration of ladies trying their best in the big city.  The show is funny, goofy, and most of all, bracingly honest. Even if “Girls” is exactly not your cup of tea, it’s very hard to argue with the wonderful intelligence of the dialogue and biting awareness in the writing and performance.

Olive for President!

On this auspicious day, our country’s esteemed celebration of independence and backyard BBQs and fireflies and fireworks and a nice hot summer day off from work – I would like to offer my brilliant services as future president.

Yes, that’s right dear readers – a vote for Olive is a vote for fun!

Olive Live: Candy Striped for 4th of July


It is that time of year again –  the perfect moment for backyard burgers and hot summer bonfires and downtown parades and sailing the high seas and fishing the wharf dock and lounging by the lake and catching fireflies and camping and cavorting and in general – grabbing the season for all it’s got! (more…)

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