Olive Loves: Tales of Endearment

Tales of Endearment

My dearies! Tales of Endearment! You must, must, must go to this incredible site right now, this very instant and see all the fabulous vintage-loving beauties featured within!

The lovely Natalie Joos, who, according to her bio, consults about fashion (and you know we love fashion!) created this beautiful site that explores all her gorgeous friends in their magical homes with their stunning collections of vintage jewelry and glittery gowns and feathered hats and fabulous fantastical shoes… and oh my dears! Just go, go, go!


Live Olive: Courtney Lowe of LA Vintage Exchange

Olive Oyl Inspiration Board

Welcome, gals and gents, to my new spot here upon the web of the world! What’s a girl to do with all this space?

Mmmmm. How about we set right down ’round the (virtual) table, dig into some hot bowls of delicious (virtual) spinach (or a spinach frittata or spinach salad or spinach whatever you desire! Spinach is my specialty!), and get right down to the dishing.

First things first. I’d like you all give a hearty “how do you do!” to my sweet shipmate, Courtney Lowe. www.LAVintageExchange.com

As a top stylist in the city of Angeles, Miss Courtney spends her days digging for fabulous fashions to bedazzle and bedeck. And since she is a generous sort, Miss Courtney has been kind enough to hunt up some special vintage finds that are just the thing for a gal like me.

Let’s face it – I am not your average lady. And I like it that way!

I may not be a beauty queen, but I’m even better… I’m a one-of-a-kind, do-my–own-thing, flaunt–my-own-style kind of girl.

Check out these amazing fashion ideas Miss Courtney has dreamed up just for me! Aren’t they just too too…?!

Tell you what…I’ll be sure to have Miss Courtney keep her ear to the ground for great finds and whenever she digs up a new treasure, I will shout it from my world wide rooftop!

More adventure ahead, my dears! Let’s live!

Here’s what Courtney had to say about my style:

1.     What Defines Olive Oyl’s Style?

A Natural Sense of Style — Mix of Nautical & Flapper Inspiration

Olive Oyl has a Let’s Live! attitude. Modern Woman –- Stylish, Athletic, Open-Minded, Fearless. Also, the Damsel in Distress – Flirtatious, Awkward.

Practical Basics yet Strong Sense of Individual Style when Combined.

Olive Oyl Essentials – A Line Skirts, Collared Tops, Brown Boots/Black Stilettos, Bows/Scarfs — A Mix of Red, Black, White, Yellow & Navy + Polka Dots & Stripes.

Activities: Works, Entertains, Travels, Hobbies.

Clothes Shopping: Flea Markets (Rose Bowl, Melrose Trading Post, Space 15 Twenty, Silver Lake Flea, Downtown Art Walk), Stores (Wasteland, Opening Ceremony, Scout)

Olive Oyl staples could include a signature Anchor Necklace she always wears (Example Image Attached: IGWT Anchor) or detachable collar that you can add to any top / dress to give an Olive Oyl touch.


 2.     What Would You Call My Style? 

Effortless, Timeless, Cool, and Authentic
Functional & Fashionable – Modern meets Classic

3.     Who Are Some Contemporary Designers I would like?

Rag & Bone
Steven Alan
Top Shop
Ralph Lauren / RRL
Salvatore Ferragamo
Jil Sander
Moschino (90s Olive Oyl collab)

Muses: Zoey Deschanel + Miranda July + Alexa Chung + Chloe Sevigny + Erin
Wasson Relevant in today’s style: COLLARS: Peter Pan, Oxford, Scalloped



Olive Goil: First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit


My dears, what’s life without music?

I just adore these loveable little gals from the far off lands of Sweden who call themselves First Aid Kit. They sing like the sweetest of canaries, crooning creaky tiptoe ballads about ghosts and old lace and all sorts of other spooky stuff.

They are sisters, too, hand-in-hand modern-day troubadours who travel the world and have many, many magical adventures!

See them exploring the dreamy Mojave dressed like witchy-gypsy cowgirls in this film for their newest record. Yee-haw!!