Live Olive: Ready to Report FNO

Oh what to wear, what to wear? I am bustling about today, getting a fire-engine red mani-pedi, putting my hair up in smooth and elegant bun and standing in front of my shoe closet, pondering the life’s great question; which pair to show off this evening?

Because my dears, this is a very special evening. I am all a flutter inside with butterflies, as it is only a few mere hours before I host my very first ever, (and hopefully not last!) Fashion Night Out event!

So, should I don my sparkly Jerome Rousseau’s? My feathery Chrissie Morris’? And don’t even get me started on what to wear from there. Each and every one of the designers who will be by my side tonight are incredible in their own right.

Maybe I should bring an outfit from each and make a quick costume changes every 10 minutes?

These are the dilemmas a gal like me has!  But really and truly, I think I’m going to enter with one outfit and exit with another, just to be amazing – twice!

But don’t think for a minute I’ve gotten too wrapped up in myself not to remember the most important thing about tonight and that is to help the fine folks of the Garment Center keep designer duds made right here in the Big Apple!

But also, I DO have to look divine…I will be sure to keep you all abreast of the fabulousness occurring this evening.

Don’t forget to follow me, as I’ll be tweeting away!

Olive Loves: FNO Designer Selects

The big day is drawing near my dears and I am all in tizzy trying to decide what a gal should wear to this fabulous event. As you know, I am playing host to a very special Fashion Night Out evening and all eyes, ( well, most eyes, anyway…or at least a few eyes), will be on me.

So what’s a girl to wear?

Well, here’s the thing. I have the distinct pleasure of sharing hosting duties alongside some supremely talented designers, all of whom make the most lovely clothes and accessories, an array of items that would be absolute perfection to showcase at the event.

So what do you think readers? What shall is be?

A stunning dress from Dana Maxx, it’s red hot, racy shade offset but the sweetest white lace collar? Perhaps I could match that elegant ensemble with a stunning black and white lizard skin clutch from Michelle Vale?

Or should I go streetwear and edgy and stand out from the crowds, with a sassy pair of Ashley Arrow leggings from Brit NYC under a Boy Meets Girl Expedition Utility Dress?

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

Stay tuned, my dears, for more options. I’m going to need your help!

Olive Loves: The Standard Hotel

Travel is all about adventure and new experiences and tales to tell when you return!

As you all know, I am a dedicated wanderer, a globetrotter extraordinaire, fond of roughing it on the high seas, exploring the deep, darkness of exotic jungles or traversing endless deserts on camelback.

But every once in a while, my lovelies, I do enjoy a touch of luxury and glamour.

Take my trip to the City of Angeles for instance, to Hollywood and shiny stars and palm trees and Tinseltown fabulousness. What better place to lay my weary head each eve than the amazing Standard Hotel, which, by the way, is anything but Standard.

Sun by the pool, chow down on burgers (Wimpy, you’d be jealous!), take a nice little nap inside the glass case by the check-in desk so that all can admire your beauty! Whimsical and fun, surreal in just the way, The Standard is a perfect reflection of one of my very favorite cities.

Where else can you surf the waves, climb the hills and put on a cocktail dress and dance ‘til dawn – all in one sweet day?

Viva Los Angeles!