Olive for President!

On this auspicious day, our country’s esteemed celebration of independence and backyard BBQs and fireflies and fireworks and a nice hot summer day off from work – I would like to offer my brilliant services as future president.

Yes, that’s right dear readers – a vote for Olive is a vote for fun!

I intend to run on a platform of dance parties, good manners and fashionable footwear. Now – wouldn’t you campaign for a gal that espouses such valid values?

If I were to win, to become the very first female president of the good U.S of A. you can count on the following:

– A return to chivalry. Men must pull out chairs, open doors and lay down coats across mud puddles for all ladies.
– A very nice pair of comfy but stylish shoes on every foot.
– Mandatory nice manners. Please and thank you.
– Mandatory kindness and gentleness and goodnaturedness to all your neighbors, at all times.
– Mandatory dancing. Everywhere, any time. Boogie down America!
– And peace, love, and adventure for all!

Happy Fourth my sweets!

The Story of ME

My name is Olive and I was born in the Big Apple. I am an eternal 29 years old, thanks to the magic of fictional cartoon character immortality. (It’s kind of like being Dracula, but more fun and less bloodsucking. Also, I love the sun, the sea – the salt on my skin! So I’d make a lousy vampire.)

I am skinny, taller than most men, and as I mentioned earlier, I’ve got gigantic, enormous feet – all the better to show off my ever-growing collection of stylish shoes! Throughout my esteemed career, I have been lauded for my fashion sense, my individuality and my strong feminist values. Here me roar!

I am also known to sing like a bird, dance like Gene Kelly and do all my own stunts.

In fact, I am pretty much the toughest gal you’ll ever meet. I’ve survived being thrown off cliffs and out of skyscraper windows. I’ve plunged over roaring waterfalls, I’ve been lost at sea, I’ve been buried alive, I’ve ridden horses, camels, donkeys etcetera … and I’ve been tied up on the tracks in the path of countless numbers of speeding trains.

I have played a sweetheart, a sailor, a fighter, a flirt, an adventurer, and even – the President of the US of A.  Just another day in the life of ol’ Olive.

Now, let’s get to the gossip …

I know you’re dying to hear about Popeye (he has his own site by the way!). So let’s get to it. Here is the dirt.

Popeye has always been in love with me – all the way back to 1929 when I stowed away on his boat and he made me wash all his dishes as punishment! Then, a few months later, I – accidently, I swear – gave him a big wet kiss on his cheek. And poor Popeye has been gaga over me ever since!

And then there’s Bluto … Bluto’s a big lug, but then again, he has his merits …What? A gal has a right to change her mind once in a while, doesn’t she?

Anyhoo, enough about them and more about ME!

At this moment, I’d like to lay down the welcome mat for you.

Come on in and let’s get cozy in my little home here on the World Wide Web.  I’m a good hostess – promise! I will bring you the dish on all the things I love – like clothes and shoes and music and girlfriends and dancing in the bright, fresh air …

Grand adventures lie ahead, my dears … so take my hand and let’s live!