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Olive Goil: Makeup Artist Valerie Star

This week, I sat down with the delightful Valerie Star, who is a makeup artist extraordinaire. We met during Fashion Week at Caravan Stylist Studio, located in the Carlton hotel in New York City. She is like a magician with her mascara wand, so I naturally had to ask her for the 411 on beauty! I took plenty of notes because Ms. Star had plenty of sage  advice to give. I’ll be sharing all her best tips in the weeks to come, so please stop by and feel free to post any questions you may have for her in the Comments section.

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Olive Loves: Sanae Intoxicants

The heavenly smell of a great perfume is something no girl should be without. And while I am a sucker for the classics (Chanel #5 anyone?!), I am more and more enamored of new and fresh and the artfully distilled, particularly those potent scents made of all natural oils, perfumes created without all those nasty chemicals…

That said, my dears, I am completely smitten with Sanae Intoxicants, a tiny company based in Los Angeles which handcrafts the most incredible combinations of exotic, thrilling, and sometimes unfamiliar oils, into creations that all smell absolutely incredible!

Founded by Miss Sanae Barber, these exquisite perfumes come in the most lovely and delicate teeny, teeny. tiny bottles, each containing smells that are absolutely entrancing.  Meadow Slumber smells of pine and sage and the first blossom of a wildflower, Smoking Rose is traditional rose with an sexy edge, Burning Ocean feels dark and dangerous and seductive in a fantastical Far East sort of way.

Put on a dab and you won’t be disappointed…

Olive Loves: Lulu Organics

Believe me, my dears, I do know how we ladies stress about our tresses, but fear no more! Hair help is on the way in the form of a yummy, healthy, all organic treats for our locks from Lulu Organics.

Give me your dry, your greasy, your split ends! And Lulu will make them right again, bringing back the lush, shiny, lovely hair you deserve.

This boutique company was started by the talented illustrator and designer, Linda Aldredge. Miss Aldredge is one of those women who can do just about anything, from building a fantastical tree house getaway on her land in upstate New York, to creating beautiful artwork, to dreaming up incredible hair and beauty products that make you feel and look, just simply spectacular.

Lulu offers luscious lip balms, sweet-smelling soaps…. and my absolute fav, an incredible organic hair powder, which fluffs and fulfills. Use in between shampoos makes your tresses feel fabulous. And the packaging is beautiful too!

Thank you Lulu for making us lovely!


Olive Loves: Terrariums

Green leaves and moss, tiny trees and miniature jungles… don’t you just adore bringing the outside in?

On a dreary day there is simply nothing better than losing yourself amid the magic of a terrarium.  Created in all shapes and sizes, these beautiful glass boxes are just the best!  Personally I am absolutely smitten with these models from the design company, Score and Solder.

So, how to populate your terrarium world?

Just go ahead and use your own unique creativity to explore the inner workings! Plant or place your favorite things inside. Living greens are the usual, but don’t hold back – let your imagination gallivant!

You can add rocks or gems or moss or fern, no matter what exquisite objects end up inside these sweet little treasure boxes, you’ll be sure to be enchanted.

When you’re done, just place it on a windowsill or a mantle piece and voila´- you’ll have a bit of the backyard in your living room!


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