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Olive Loves: SoulCycle

If you have not heard of the fitness craze SoulCycle yet, get ready because you will. Seven years ago, Julie Rice co-founded Soul Cycle, a unique brand of exercise that is part spin class/part party/part meditation, with Elizabeth Cudler. When Julie couldn’t find the perfect workout, she decided to create it.

SoulCycle was created with the intention that exercise should be fun and inspirational. Each class consists of 45 minutes of intense cardio, set to high energy music. The studio is lit only by candles. What started as a business plan on a napkin is now a growing business with a cult-like following.

SM Studio

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Celebrating Yoga Month: An Interview with Kevin Ryder

September is National Yoga Month. To invoke the spirit of the month, I have been interviewing yoga instructors and asking them what inspires and motivates them.

This week, I would like to introduce you to Kevin Ryder, founder of Kashi Kids, a foundation that creates education opportunities for impoverished children in India.

Kevin and I discussed what yoga means to him, his daily yoga practice, his work with the Alice Project and the Swami Harshwananda School and his beliefs about the importance of Karma Yoga, the yoga of work, deeds and action, a much neglected part of the American physical yoga scene.


Kevin Ryder in Varanasi, India with Alice Project students: Yogi, Bachu Baba, Manish and Ashish. (Photo credit: Darren River)

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Live Olive: Meet Kanan Kapila, Co-Founder of Jaipure Yoga

My ongoing series of National Yoga Month interviews continues with Kanan Kapila, yoga instructor (E-RYT 500) and co-founder of JaiPure Yoga, who thoughtfully approaches Yoga as an art form. She believes, through meaningful teachings and powerful practice, that yoga creatively informs us that we can strengthen and refine the shape and quality of our body and mind.

“The brilliance of yoga is the perfect function of energy designed to assist our true nature ~ to dwell in joy. Yoga can uplift and color our connection with each other and our sense of self, creating an oasis that radiates,” she writes on her website.

For Kanan, yoga is an artful way to inspire and potentiate well-being.

Kanan Headshot

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Meet Yoga Instructor Stephanie Anne Sirico, Owner of The Karma Vault

Since September is National Yoga Month, the focus of this month’s blog posts on will be interviews with several certified yoga instructors and personal trainers. Meet Stephanie Anne Sirico, a professional Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, Budokon Yoga, Pilates Instructor and Holistic Nutrition Coach.


She is the owner of The Karma Vault, a yoga and fitness studio where certified instructors and trainers lead a variety of yoga classes for individuals of all ages and profiency levels.

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