Olive Goil: Flora Grubb

Miss Grubb enjoys getting her hands dirty and she’s taken that love to the height of heights with a whole darn biznez of growing and glowing!

As the proprietress of one of the finest plant nurseries in all the land, Miss Grub (that is her name, truly!) is the real darn deal. She’s been featured in magazines around the globe for her greenest-of-the-green thumb and the community of plant lovers she’s gathered around her magical horticultural headquarters in San Francisco!

All that and Miss Grub is so darn young and rosy cheeked, a gal of real refinement, big accomplishment and a knack for soil and such. If you’re in Cali-for-nia you can stop by for a visit at her Flora Grub store and if you’re not quite the adventurous type, you can easily shop at her online garden for all sorts of goodies – like pretty little glass terrariums and wacky wool wall hangings perfect for putting a jungle right in your living room.

You know how I adore flowers and ladies with spunk?

Well, Flora Grubb is a bit of both and more to boot!


Flora Grubb

Olive Loves: YSL Yachting Skirt


YSL Yachting SkirtShips ahoy!

You know how I love the opens seas, the wide waters, the ocean roars! But even more than that – I just adore nautical motifs in French fashion. Our fabulous friends across the pond really do know how to make a sailor goil swoon.

Case in point – this absolutely divine leather skirt from Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2012.

Merci! Merci! Merci!

Olive Loves: Maison Michel’s Cat Hats

Every gal needs a nice hat, my dearies, and, in my opinion, the more decorative décor for your cabeza, the better! Whether for rainy days or special occasions, a woman in a fine cap is always a pleasure to behold. Don’t you agree?

I am a sucker for a sweet chapeau and have worn my share, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything quite as sweet at these dainty cat ears from Maison Michel!

Leave to the French to oooh la la me every time! Meow!



Olive Goil: Zoe Bell


As you know, my dears, I am quite an athlete and always, also do my own stunts – be it dancing or cliff diving or swimming away from sharks … and I am therefore always impressed by young ladies who can do the same.

There is, in my mind, no better lady stunt person then the fabulous Miss Zoe Bell, a class act from New Zealand who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Miss Bell is the gal who rides the motorcycles, leaps off ledges and climbs astride two racing cars in Hollywood moves – all with total ease…

She is the one that makes it look easy for Hollywood starlets to appear as if they are capable of all that derring-do…

Oh, Zoe. Isn’t she just the grandest goil!?

Zoe Bell