Olive Loves: Unif “Hellbounds” Shoe


You know about the love affair between me and shoes… oh shoes!

And I am just thrilled to pieces to dish about these newest from Unif, very fittingly dubbed the “Hellbounds” shoe”!

Aren’t they just amazing?  Exactly perfect for kicking up your heels, prancing on the deck and running for the hills!

And my lovelies, check out the two sets of laces that come with…one of them is bright and unapologetic and multicolored and mad… just like me…

Oh life is too too good!

Olive Loves: Tales of Endearment

Tales of Endearment

My dearies! Tales of Endearment! You must, must, must go to this incredible site right now, this very instant and see all the fabulous vintage-loving beauties featured within!

The lovely Natalie Joos, who, according to her bio, consults about fashion (and you know we love fashion!) created this beautiful site that explores all her gorgeous friends in their magical homes with their stunning collections of vintage jewelry and glittery gowns and feathered hats and fabulous fantastical shoes… and oh my dears! Just go, go, go!