Olive for President!

On this auspicious day, our country’s esteemed celebration of independence and backyard BBQs and fireflies and fireworks and a nice hot summer day off from work – I would like to offer my brilliant services as future president.

Yes, that’s right dear readers – a vote for Olive is a vote for fun!

I intend to run on a platform of dance parties, good manners and fashionable footwear. Now – wouldn’t you campaign for a gal that espouses such valid values?

If I were to win, to become the very first female president of the good U.S of A. you can count on the following:

– A return to chivalry. Men must pull out chairs, open doors and lay down coats across mud puddles for all ladies.
– A very nice pair of comfy but stylish shoes on every foot.
– Mandatory nice manners. Please and thank you.
– Mandatory kindness and gentleness and goodnaturedness to all your neighbors, at all times.
– Mandatory dancing. Everywhere, any time. Boogie down America!
– And peace, love, and adventure for all!

Happy Fourth my sweets!

Olive Live: Candy Striped for 4th of July


It is that time of year again –  the perfect moment for backyard burgers and hot summer bonfires and downtown parades and sailing the high seas and fishing the wharf dock and lounging by the lake and catching fireflies and camping and cavorting and in general – grabbing the season for all it’s got!

I have just the ensemble for any one of these adventures and more, whether you’re boarding the yacht, or making S’mores!

First – a sweet scarf, then flirty navy blue Capri pants (in honor of my sailor man)… and add some stripes galore! Red and white is just the thing for seaside rendezvous and firework Fourth of July picnics.  Top it all off with a pair of sassy espadrilles and you are all set for those unforgettable months between June and September, when the skies are blue and the days are long and the nights are full of promise!

Happy summer dear readers and a fashionable salute to all of you celebrating Independence Day in the U.S. of A!

Olive Goil: Leana Zuniga of Electric Feathers

Fashion is about digging deep down straight into your imagination my dears and no one explores like Miss Leana Zuniga of the clothing line, Electric Feathers.

With her raw silk convertible dresses, drop-dead gorgeous hand-dyed flowing and flirty cotton skirts, elegant jump suits, and billowing harem pants – Zuniga’s clothes are meant for both high style and rollicking adventure.

Electric Feathers are what you might wear to the Bazaar or to the Casbah or to meet a mysterious sheik, ensembles to ramble on sand dunes and astride dromedaries in exotic places where blue tiles shimmer under blind white heat.

They are also the perfect clothes for Sunday drives or walks in the park or just about anything a girl likes to look pretty while doing.

Almost absolutely everything in her amazing collections are reversible – so you get the added surprise of many outfits in one – scarves can be worn as belts, dresses can be worn front or back, necklines go up and go down – this is fashion to have fun with!

Not only that, but Miss Zuniga’s clothes are cozy too and crafted with care, effortless and just beyond beautiful!

Olive Goil: Karen Russell

I’m an old fashioned goil in many ways, my dears, and that includes my adoration of the written word – the sweet musk scent of an old book bringing a certain kind of warmth to my heart. In these days of the high tech and the modern, there’s just something about sitting down and flipping through pages that both comforts and thrills me.

For those who can’t abide the antiquated, you can grab your Kindles and your iPads and such and get the same amazing pleasure in words on a page – there’s nothing quite like reading, don’t you agree?

And writing! A bow down and a shout out to all those amazing authors out there, folks like this week’s Olive Goil, the immensely talented Karen Russell.

The young Miss Russell is barely 30, but she’s already been featured in magazines like The New Yorker and Zoetrope and in collection like the Best American Short Stories. Her first book of short stories, St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves, won a bevy of prizes and her first novel, Swamplandia, won a bazillion accolades as well.

Miss Russell writes about strange adventures and lost worlds and the wet heat fevers of her home state of Florida and her books thrill at every turn.  My dears! Take pleasure in the word and sit down and pick up a book (or a tablet) and let yourself get swept up in old fashioned, wonderful, fabulous, always imaginative -storytelling.