Olive Goil: Stephanie Gilmore

Ah, the sea! No one loves it more than me – the sand, the sky…the surf!

Except perhaps the blond and tanned and thoroughly super heroine-ish Stephanie Gilmore, the greatest gal surfer in all the land!

Miss Gilmore was born Down Under in 1988 and has won so many titles for surfing that you’d have to be an octopus with hands in order to count them on your fingers!  She stared riding the high waves at 10 and by 17 she was in the mix with the globe’s finest.  She is the ultimate Olive Goil – gutsy and glorious!

Kudos to Miss Gilmore!

One final thought: I myself am so very found of salty seas, do you think I ought to try to get on a board myself and see what I can do?

Mmmm….closing my eyes and making a wish!

Olive Goil: Camille Rose Garcia

Take my hand and let’s explore the deep, dark wood!

Spooky, creepy but oh so pretty, the artist Camille Rose Garcia takes fairy tale magic and graphic novel detail and puts it all into her epic, adventurous canvases.

So far, Wonderland’s little Alice and that fair and sweet Snow White, have been reinvented by the super talented Garcia. Don’t expect kiddie bedtime stories or cartoony fun, Miss Garcia has a dark and stormy side that likes to take our expectations… and turn them inside out.

Take a look dear readers, but don’t be frightened! There’s nothing to fear here, but there is certainly much to “oooh” and “aaaah” about – Miss Garcia is mistress of her craft…

For our Los Angeles dearies, you can catch her wonderful work live and in-person in your fair city until April 14 at the Michael Kohn Gallery!

For a glimpse into her strange and fabulous world, visit her website!

Clothes Horses Unite!

As I mentioned many moons ago in my very first post on this world wide web, I am oh so lucky as to have my very own stylist. Not every woman is so fortunate, I know, but I have been around long enough my dears – to deserve it!

Courtney is a sweet young lady well versed in hunting for vintage treasures, a true digger of the first order. She scours the back closets and out of the way websites for rare finds and she always come up with classic looks that never, ever, go out of style.

This month’s look is absolutely thrilling to me, the ideal outfit for an afternoon opening under the dinosaur at the natural history museum or for meeting mustachioed dignitaries from foreign lands or having fancy tea and finger sandwiches with the ladies in a Bel Air garden.

Courtney poetically expresses her inspiration for this remarkable ensemble as –  “Charmed, lunch with a punch, the fairest of them all, tinted love, neutral territory.”

Courtney has a way with not only clothes, but words as well.

Sourced at a spot called “Shrimp Vintage”, Courtney has hand picked shades of elegant beige with touches of deep navy for a very flattering, flirty outfit with just the right hint of sailor uniform oomph and military perfection!

The centerpiece here, (and I know you’ll agree), is the flowing chiffon dress with a scalloped collar. I hold an undying, eternal love for the scalloped collar!

The charm of my gown is elevated with a vintage chiffon hair clip which Courtney has cleverly reinvented as a scarf and a delicate pair of navy gloves. Let’s bring back lady like gloves!  Shall we? Yes? Please?

Top all this off with an absolutely elegant pair of pumps and I am ready to shake hands with the ambassador or sip mint tea in the sunshine.

Merci, merci Courtney!  You’ve done it again….x

 Olive yl Flirty 30's

Olive Goil: Ann Wood

My oh my, but will you just look at the wonderful work of artist Ann Wood! Exquisite, lacy, loverly pieces – all constructed with a kind of fragile and haunted grace!

Ann Wood's Ship Tea Cup

Miss Wood makes her home in New York but her delicate, pretty little birds and teacups and castles seem to belong in the midst of a fairytale!  As Ann explains so beautifully …“Much of my inspiration comes from ideas I have been infatuated with my whole life: smallness, intricacies, miniaturization, collections, repetition; lost or abandoned things discovered and rescued; the idea of haunted and enchanted places, things and creatures; the setting of a tiny stage.”

I don’t know about you, but I myself have a particularly fond and warm feeling toward of her incredible floating sailing ships – being a sailor gal myself.

Just imagine – hanging one of these from your ceiling and dreaming of salt on the wind and high adventure to come!

Ann Wood's Ship