Olive Loves: The Bamford DRx Popeye Watch

Okay dearest readers, hold on tight – and take a gander at this! Revamp artist Darren Romanelli, watch masters Bamford and the fine folks at my very own King Features have teamed up for this titillating time piece!

You might recognize the inspiration for this one, a strapping fella by the name of Popeye – who just happens to be my one and only, spinach-eating, pipe-tootin’, sweet sailor man!

Doesn’t my beau look divine, telling time?

Now, I know what you’re all thinking, where is the watch of moí??

Well, I had the same question myself, but for now, let’s go ahead and give my gorgeous guy his due. He can be the star of the show, for the moment… and besides, a lady doesn’t get jealous – it is simply not a flattering look.

Am I correct, girls?

So let’s all shout out congrats to my beloved Mr. P,  for his immortalization on the wrists of the multitudes!!

Live Olive: Spring Safari

Lions and Cheetahs and Rhinos, oh my!

Just take a gander at these select looks, just the right fashion forward pieces to pack for a smashing safari! Imagine donning these duds for zebra sightings and giraffe gallivanting and cooking s’mores by the fireside light.

The lovely stylist Courtney Lowe has done it again – creating a variety of styles to strut both out on the plains and while swashbuckling through jungles – of wild or the urban kind!

Olive Loves: Corto Moltedo

It is very important, my dearest dearies, to have a sense of humor. Life simply demands one.

If you can’t answer adversity with a smile, well then, you better be prepared for trouble.

I don’t know about you, but I like to surround myself with anything that makes me laugh and well, this amazing Corto Moltedo bag is just about the most wonderful and whimsical accessory I’ve ever seen.

Shaped like an old fashioned recording tape (remember those) and colored the bluest of blue, there is simply no way you could carry this clutch without occasionally – cracking up.

And yet, somehow it’s elegant too, don’t you agree? This bag perfect for kicking it up on the dance floor or djing the decks or just sashaying down the street secure in the knowledge that you’re the most fashionable… and funniest – gal in town.


Live Olive: Fabulous Forties

As you know, I am a gal who has a love for all things fashion. I’m so lucky I have the opportunity to play dress up with some of the very finest vintage finds!

This better-off-red beauty of a dress is reminiscent of 1940’s fabulousness – a very Katherine Hepburn and Andrew Sisters sort of chic. The items of this ensemble were sourced at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and LA Vintage Exchange; two magical spots for anyone like me, with a soft spot for the classics.

So, what am I modeling here?

Well, well well… only the loveliest and most glamorous of scarfs, by Halston, the man who dressed all the glitziest of disco queens in the 1970’s. The flowy, dreamy dress is a vintage “Sunshine Starshine”. Isn’t that Oxford collar with the black border just divine?

Add some black patent leather high-heeled Mary Janes and frankly friends, I am just unstoppable.

Look out world, here comes Olive!

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