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Welcome back to Olive Oyl Loves!

It’s officially been a month since I’ve been back on Olive Oyl Loves, and I can’t tell you how good it feels to be reconnecting with my fans. I’ve always lived and breathed fashion, but it’s so amazing to be sharing so much more than just my amazing sense of style with you. I’ve also been trying to expand my horizons. To do that, I decided to dedicate myself to living a more creative life. Why? Because creativity is what sets you apart. I need to discover and embrace my sense of self, and this blog is a BIG part of my creative exploration. It’s been such a wonderful journey, I thought I’d share my process with you!

Three steps to living a more creative life:

  1. Make Space

Whether this space is IRL or online, make it your dedicated space for creating. This space should reflect who you are and be conducive to letting your imagination run wild. If an all-white, ultra-modern look is your jam, make your space look like that! Me personally, I’m a classic type of gal. I appreciate pops of color, especially reds and yellows – that’s why Olive Oyl Loves looks the way it does! I also consider my Facebook and Instagram extensions of “my space.” You can read more about that in Step #3 – read on!   

  1. Make Time

Being creative means a lot of things, including a lot of time! End products ( an art piece, a novel, a song, a clothing line, etc.) don’t just appear out of thin air! You have invest time and effort into making them. Reserving the time for your art might be the most overlooked part of the process! But this is the step that takes you from “being a creative person” to “living a creative life.” I try to post on Olive Oyl Loves once a week, and frequently on my social media. That time frame might not work for you, but as long as you pick a due date (and stick to it!) you’ll be fine.

  1. Press Post

Send it out to the interwebs! Or show it to your friends. But now that you’ve invested all your time and your energy into your space (to make your end product), it deserves to be seen. It’s scary, but this is your moment to shine!  Press on, my friends!

So now it’s your turn.  Show me all the amazing things you’re creating by using the hashtag #OliveOylLoves on Facebook and Instagram! Here are some of your creations inspired by moi (thank you all – I’m so honored!):


Olive Oyl

New York City: Shopping, Shopping, and Time with My Boys

Hi Everyone!

This week, I’m visiting New York City with Popeye and Swee’ Pea. I couldn’t be more excited to be back in the big city! Since this is Swee’ Pea’s first time in New York, I wanted to make sure that we hit all the iconic landmarks: Central Park, Empire State Building, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and of course – every store on Fifth Avenue! I guess I took awhile trying on all those clothes because, Popeye tells me that he took Swee’ Pea to both the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty while I was busy shopping (whoops!). I heard there was even a helicopter ride involved?! I don’t even want to know what trouble they got up to! But if you’re interested, you can see more here: 

Obvious destinations aside, I wanted to show Popeye and Swee’ Pea some of the less crowded parts of New York as well. I arranged a nice little brunch for us in Brooklyn, before stopping by the Brooklyn Bridge to snap some pics! We’re making so many memories! Afterwards, we headed back to Manhattan, and walked through Union Square to visit the booths at the Green Market where we bought tons of fresh spinach. I think Popeye and Swee’ Pea both enjoyed looking at the fresh greens more than shopping with me ????.

But you know I love shopping, and shopping allows me to stay stylish while getting in lots of exercise! After Fifth Avenue, I journeyed down to SoHo and then toured all the vintage thrift shops in Greenwich Village – so many finds you can’t get that anywhere else.

As you might remember from last week, I’m trying to be more conscientious of the clothes I buy <hyperlink to last week’s post>. Recycled style is the best and when it comes to unique vintage finds, NYC never disappoints.

Summer is a great time to get away and explore more of the world. We had a great trip and I’m already looking forward to our next one.

Where are you traveling to this summer? Show me using the hashtag #OliveOylLoves on Facebook and Instagram!


Olive Oyl

Olive Oyl as “Overly Attached Girlfriend”!

Thanks to the enthusiastic response from fans on Facebook who loved when my man, Popeye, channeled Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World,” today I got in on the fun and was drawn into the style of the popular meme “Overly Attached Girlfriend:”



Of course, who wouldn’t be an overly attached girlfriend when you have the world’s most famous sailor as your man?!

What other memes would you like to see me drawn as? Put your ideas in the comments after you check out some more “Overly Attached Girlfriend” scenes below! And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any of the fun.

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Olive Goil: Joanne Nosuchinsky, 2013 Miss New York USA

Meet Joanne Nosuchinsky, who was crowned Miss New York USA 2013 in January. This beauty queen and aspiring actress calls Hell’s Kitchen in New York City her home and can be seen every Saturday night in the off-Broadway show, “The Awesome 80s Prom.” We chatted about what it takes to win a beauty pageant and what it means to be “a broken cheerleader.” Remember her name and face because, with her drive and ambition, this girl is going straight to the top!


Photo credit: Niko Paleologus

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