Long before she met Popeye the Sailor Man, Olive Oyl was a star in her own right. A classic character with multi-generational appeal, Olive Oyl’s rich history and brand message of female empowerment and self-confidence are key elements to her enduring legacy. Like her boyfriend Popeye, she is who she is – and people love her for it!

Fans of Olive Oyl see a bit of themselves in her fun and fearless approach to life and love. She speaks to the generations of women who are independent, self-reliant and aren’t afraid to express themselves.

In 2012, Olive Oyl took on the role of digital correspondent for Caravan Stylist Studio, a full service studio for designers and celebrities seeking hair, makeup and wardrobe styling for parties, red carpet events, TV appearances and photo shoots.  Her first assignment was to cover some of the hottest events that Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) had to offer during the Fall 2012 Fashion Week in New York. Her work was so stellar, she has been invited to cover events for New York Fashion Week in February 2013. She also is an advocate of the “Save the Garment Center” project.

Italian fashion house Moschino has long recognized Olive’s irresistible appeal, showcasing her in highly successful campaigns for fragrance products and an accompanying line of umbrellas and silk and wool scarves.

In 2011, Olive Oyl lent her star power to iconic Irish dairy brand Kerrygold to promote its brand of butter and olive oil spread.  Prints ads broke in the UK Daily Express, The Telegraph, Sunday Mirror Celebs supplement, Reader’s Digest, BBC Good Food, BBC Olive and Sainsbury’s magazines.

In 2009 and 2010, Miss Sixty and MNG by Mango both featured Olive Oyl as a major design element in their limited-edition T-shirt collections. And, Monella Vagabonda in Italy developed an entire street fashion collection in 2008 and 2009.

Fashion licensing continues to build in France, the U.K. and Spain. Fashion retail powerhouse Oysho has featured Olive Oyl underwear, nightwear and accessories in its stores worldwide. Olive Oyl apparel is also selling well throughout Asia, especially in Taiwan, Thailand and China, while bags and fashion accessories appear in dozens of Popeye and Olive Oyl shops in China. Trendy Brazilian label Angel has designed an entire line of Olive Oyl-branded fashions.

From the comics page to the big screen to the world of product licensing and digital media, beloved cartoon character and comics icon Olive Oyl has done AND can do it all!