Olive Loves: Phylia de M

I am a lady that likes to wear my hair up, neat as a pin, in a small tight bun at the back of my swanlike neck. But there are rare moments when I let loose that my hair follows. There are occasions when I prefer to have a hairdo that is fitting with my adventures, be it turban, beret, or ten gallon cowgirl hat.

Either way, the hair, my dears, is just as much the seat of the soul as the eyes, the place where you show off whom you are and where you are heading. That is one of the many reasons why I love the new hair care line from Phylia de M.

Created by two gals who are besties and who have a shared adoration of all things healthy and organic and feel good. Phylia de M comes in the sweetest of packaging and makes hair the shiniest, bounciest and at its most beautiful, all with ingredients based on all natural concoctions.  Yum!

Olive Goil: Olympia Le-Tan

Oooh la la! Le French!

Olympia Le-Tan is absolutely the crème de la crème of young Parisian designers, the daughter of a talented illustrator and an artist in her very own right!

Miss Le-Tan worked with all sorts of very fancy fashion folk before setting out on her own, making very exquisite limited edition bags that look like books! Olympia happens to be heavenly at embroidery and everything she touches has just the right dash of whimsy and imagination.

In addition to all her other wonderful skills, she has the sweetest sense of what looks good on a lady, her own personal style is very preppy, pretty and a little bit edgy too, like your English teacher – If she were French and had sparkling sense of self-defacing humor.

Do look her up and if you can, grab one of her amazing bags – they are just the thing for the smarty pants in you – the gal who looks great in reading glasses and knows her Dickens from her Dostoevsky!

Olive Loves: Cherry Berry Swatch

My how time flies! Let me just say, I just so enjoying these little daydreams scribbled, to you, my dear friends of the wide world web!  Its been months now and I do hope I’ve made you just a little bit happy!

Today – I must swoon over Swatch, that old reliable and always fun and playful and colorful – keeper of time and date!

Please take a long and loving look at the “Cherry Berry” model, which has red and white stripes (!!!), just the sort I like to flaunt on both my sails and my stockings.

Tic toc!

This one is a must, my sweet readers. Time is of the essence!


Olive Goil: Grimes

While her name might suggest she sings it loud and harsh, the Canadian musician Grimes is more of the lilting and lovely kind. She is blowing right up, topping the charts and shaking things up and it’s time you all got on board.

This is a gal after my own heart, my dears and not just because of her magical music…


Rumor has it that before she was a big rock star, she and her friend built a boat, that’s right a good old sailing ship, and stocked up on books and typewriters and chickens and were set on putting in at the waters of the Mississippi in search of high adventure!

Oh how wonderful that sounds! Even if it is a tall tale, you’ve got to admit its a beautiful one.


Instead of her journey on the waves, however the multi-talented young Grimes is having a wild time traveling the globe… singing and dancing… and charming one and all.

Take a listen